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Time Management Tips for Family Caregivers

By Erin Carll

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Family caregivers usually end up sacrificing the time they would be spending at work or with their family to care for their elderly parent. This may work for a while, but can eventually cause the caregiver to become angry or resentful of the senior, as well as feeling burned out over all of the responsibilities they have.

Whether you volunteered for this caregiving role or it was handed to you, knowing how to manage your time will allow you to have a balance between caregiving and your personal life. Here are a few time management tips that will give you more time to spend on yourself and your own family.

  • Put yourself first. Sure, your elderly parent is in need of care, but if you do not schedule time for yourself first, you will never have the time to do so. Not only will doing things you enjoy make you feel more relaxed and help boost your mood, but it will also give you the energy and motivation to provide your loved one with the care they need.
  • Plan in advance. Knowing what appointments or activities your week will entail early will help you better plan your daily routines. Knowing these things will also allow you to make any of your own appointments around those of your loved one.
  • Delegate the tasks. Do not try to do it all by yourself. Instead, spread the tasks out among other family members or friends who want to help. Also, make sure everyone is on the same page so that tasks are not done more than once by two or more people.
  • Make a list. Jot down all of the things you want to accomplish each day. Then, prioritize it, putting the most important tasks at the top. By doing this, you will ensure that all of the important things will be done right away, while the others will only get done if there is time to do so.
  • Set realistic expectations. You may think you can do a hundred things at once, but how realistic is that? By setting unrealistic goals, you are setting yourself up for failure, which may also cause you to become increasingly stressed over the things you can’t get done.
  • Get organized. When there is an abundance of clutter and disorganization, it can drain you of your energy and make it more challenging to accomplish your tasks for the day. Take some time to declutter and organize the elder’s home in order to give yourself the energy and motivation needed.

Caregiving is not an easy job, but these tips will help you have a productive and organized day or week.


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