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Safety Checklist for After the Holidays

By Erin Carll

Senior Care in Sewickley PA

The holidays might seem like they are all about preparation and anticipation, but in your role as a family caregiver, it is important to keep in mind the end of the season as well. Just as you needed to consider your parent’s health and safety when getting ready for the holidays, you must also consider these as you are cleaning up after the holidays as well.

Use this checklist to help ensure that your aging parent stays safe after the holidays:

• Check for hooks. Most people decorate their tree with ornaments hung from tiny metal hooks, and while these are perfect for blending in with the branches, they can be dangerous. If hooks fell from the tree during the season or never made it to the tree and ended up on the floor during decorating, they could pose a risk to your elderly loved one or to any pets in the home. Check the floor very carefully, especially if there is carpeting, to ensure that there are no hooks that might end up puncturing a person or animal, or damaging a vacuum cleaner.

• Store boxes carefully. Avoid the temptation to push boxes and bags full of decorations in wherever you can force them so that you can just get them out of the way and move on. Items that are placed precariously, especially in closets or other storage areas that your parent might use during the year, can fall and cause injury to your parent. Instead, plan storage of items thoroughly and pack carefully so that they stay where you put them and do not tumble.

• Dispose of any holiday leftovers. A few days of holiday leftovers can be a wonderful way to stretch your budget and relive some of the festive memories of the day. If they linger too longer, however, they can be a high risk for foodborne illness and infection. Dispose of any leftovers that are not frozen and that have been in the refrigerator for more than three days. Be sure to also check for any treats that might not be safe for your parent, such as candies that they are not supposed to eat but might have been left over from a child’s stocking.

Starting senior care for your aging loved one is a fantastic way to get the new year off to a strong, healthy, and beneficial start. With all of the opportunity that the year ahead holds, the highly personalized services of a senior home care services provider can help your aging parent take advantage of them and make the most of it. This care provider can understand the individual challenges and limitations that they are experiencing and devise a fully customized approach to care, support, and assistance that ensures the care provider is with your senior as often as is right for them to keep them active and engaged, and to help them handle their basic daily tasks, such as tidying their home or preparing meals. This means that they can enjoy a lifestyle that is more active, fulfilling, and enjoyable, as well as maintaining more independence and autonomy, while you can feel confident that they are also remaining as safe and healthy as possible.

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