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Tips for Successful Distance Caregiving Visits

By Erin Carll

Caregivers in Sewickley PA

Being a distance caregiver means that you are not able to be in the home with your aging parent as frequently as you could be if you lived in close proximity, and as frequently as you may like to be in order to know that they are getting everything that they need to maintain their quality of life. scheduling visits with them as frequently as possible is an important part of making sure that your loved one is getting the care, support, and assistance that they need, that they are not experiencing additional challenges and limitations that have arisen since the beginning of your care journey, and that there are no changes that you need to make in order to keep them at their best. This is also a way to maintain the closeness of your relationship with them so that your bond does not cease being about your parent-child connection and become only about your caregiver-recipient arrangement.

As with anything in your care journey, it is important that you take the time to plan your caregiver visits and to focus on what you accomplish during them. This helps to ensure that the time that you do get to spend with your elderly loved one is as effective and beneficial as possible.

Use these tips to help you have successful distance caregiver visits with your aging loved one:

• Take note of needs around the home. Spend some time going through your aging parent’s home to identify any new challenges or issues that they might be facing. Something as simple as a leaking showerhead can drive up their utility bill, while frayed carpeting or a loose handrail can increase the risk of a serious fall. Make arrangements to have these issues addressed if you cannot fix them yourself.

• Meet with their care provider. Set up a time to meet their home care provider and discuss their care. Ask them about their usual schedule and get an idea of the types of services they provide as well as the activities that they do together. Talk to your parent about this care provider and find out if they feel that they are getting the most benefit from it, or if you may need to make adjustments to the schedule or types of services that the care provider gives to your loved one.

• Talk with their doctor. Plan a visit with your parent’s doctor to discuss their current condition and any changes that might have occurred to their health. Talk to them about their individual challenges and diagnoses, changes in their symptoms and challenges, and any recommendations that they might have for future care or management.

• Spend quality time together. Visits with your aging parent might serve a functional purpose, but it is important that they are also focused on your relationship as well. Ensure that you set aside some time just to be with your parent. Schedule an outing or bring along picture albums to go through. Plan to enjoy a favorite meal together. Consider planning crafts for your children to enjoy with your parent. This special time is going to be just as beneficial to them as the care arrangements that you put into place.

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