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What Are the Best Ways to Stay Organized as a Family Caregiver?

By Erin Carll

Home Care in Cranberry Township PA

Organization can feel like a huge hurdle for family caregivers to surmount. There is so much information involved in caring for an elderly loved one and that's on top of all the other organizational pitfalls you might encounter.

Keep Lists of All Important Information Handy

Things change often with an elderly loved one who has health problems. There are medications to keep track of, questions to ask your loved one's doctor, and even daily logs that help you to keep track of your loved one's progress. You might believe that you'd be able to remember all of that, but it becomes overwhelming quickly. The best way to keep track of your loved one's important information is to make lists and to keep them handy in a binder or folder. This helps you at doctor's appointments, at home, and when home care providers come to help you.

Use Calendars or Planners for Appointments and for Logging Information

On top of all the health information you need ready access to, there are likely quite a few appointments for your elderly loved one. You also have your own appointments as well as those you need to be aware of for anyone else in your life. That's a lot of information to have on a wall calendar or sticky note. Try using a planner or calendar that you can carry around with you. If you're more comfortable with electronic calendars, use the one in your smartphone and set reminders.

Get Help from Others as Often as Possible

You might worry that having other people around to help will just make you more disorganized, but that's not really the case. Having other family members or home care providers stepping in to help can take the main focus off you. You can use that time to update your loved one's information and lists, take care of household tasks, or even run necessary errands for your loved one.

Give Yourself Time to Decompress

Above all, you really do need to give yourself some down time frequently. When you're constantly on the go and stressed, you can't possibly keep yourself organized, much less have a coherent thought. Taking the time that you need in order to simply be and to live your life, even for an afternoon, can refresh you enough to keep you on top of your game.

As you gain more experience and learn what systems work for you, it'll be easier to stay organized.

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