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How Will You Know If Mom Will Need a Caregiver for Short or Long-Term?

By Erin Carll

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How long will your mother need a caregiver for? She may have recently been hospitalized or you noticed her having some difficulty getting around the house. Perhaps she had the flu or some other illness recently that affected her ability to get around.

At first, you may find its practical for you to take care of her, even though you have a busy schedule. When contemplating being a family caregiver, you need to think about short and long-term care prospects.

Somebody who needs short-term care will place a tremendous amount of pressure on family members or friends.

In other words, a senior who may only need support for a week or maybe two weeks might not be the biggest concern for most family members. Many adult children, spouses, and others can take a few days or a couple of weeks off from work to help out.

However, if the need becomes long-term, how will that impact that particular caregiver?

It can cause a tremendous amount of stress. The family caregiver can become overwhelmed, suddenly feeling as though nothing is going to change, that they are going to be required to help out more and more frequently as the weeks turn into months, which may ultimately turn into years.

How to think about short and long-term care.

The best way to begin approaching the prospect of taking care of an aging or disabled family member is being honest about one’s own time restrictions. If a person is working a full-time job, they may assume stopping by after work for an hour or less every few days is no big deal.

It might very well be but probably won’t remain as it is. The senior or other individual will most likely begin relying or needing extra care more frequently. An hour or less every few days might suddenly become three or four hours every single day.

Far too often, though, most family caregivers become invested in helping out and suddenly find themselves struggling with the right thing to do. They don’t want to turn their back on their parent or other family member, but the stress and anxiety becomes tremendous. It can affect every aspect of their life.

Hiring a home care aide, even part-time for just a couple of hours a day, can be the best solution that not only alleviates a tremendous amount of caregiver stress, but also provides the type of support, encouragement, and safety seniors require, both short-term and long-term.

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