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Tips for Inspiring Your Parent’s Creativity on Local Quilt Shop Day

By Erin Carll

Senior Care in Allison Park PA

As a family caregiver one of your most important priorities is making sure that your aging parent’s mind stays sharp, engaged, and active. Like any other system throughout their body, their mind needs regular exercise to stay at its best, which means maintaining their cognitive functioning, critical thinking, memory retention and recall, and judgment skills, as well as supporting better mental and emotional health. While there are many ways that you can help your parent keep their mind active as they age in place, one of the most effective and enjoyable is inspiring them to use their creativity. 

January 28 is Local Quilt Shop Day. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to encourage your elderly parent to play with color, pattern, and texture, utilize sewing skills, and craft something that is both enjoyable for them and useful to others.

Use these tips to enjoy Local Quilt Shop Day with your elderly parent and get their mind sharp, inspired, and engaged:

• Look for a small shop. While most areas have a fabric or craft shop that will give access to quilting fabrics and materials, the purpose of this specific day is to support smaller local shops. Not only is this helpful to the local owner, but smaller shops tend to have fabrics that the larger shops do not carry, giving your parent the option to make a truly unique, personal quilt.

• Consider personal accents. Your parent does not have to get all of their material for their quilt at the quilt shop. In fact, some of the most beautiful and meaningful quilts are made from materials found right at home. Look for shirts, sheets, blankets, curtains, and other items around your parent’s home that they do not use anymore but that might hold memories. Use these along with fabric found at the quilt shop to create a memory quilt.

• Break down the project. Remember that large projects can be overwhelming for an elderly adult, especially one that might be struggling with dementia. Help to make this project enjoyable and beneficial for your parent by breaking it down into smaller pieces. For example, take one day to pick out their materials and get them organized, then another day or so to work on planning the quilt. Continue working in small sessions so that they have something to look forward to and can enjoy the sense of accomplishment as they go.

Starting senior care is a fantastic way to help your aging loved one live a more active, engaged, and fulfilling quality of life as they age in place. A senior home care services provider can create a customized approach to care and support tailored not just to your parent’s individual needs, challenges, and limitations, but also to their personality and lifestyle. This means that while they are managing their needs and staying safe, healthy, and comfortable, they are also able to engage in an active, fulfilling, and enjoyable lifestyle that is right for them. When it comes to encouraging their creativity and inspiring them to keep their mind active and sharp, this care provider can be an invaluable source of support. By planning activities, finding ways for your parent to stay involved with their favorite hobbies and pastimes, and providing important services such as safe and reliable transportation and physical assistance, this care provider ensures that your parent can hold on to their independence and identity, and engage in the activities that make them happy and support their brain health.

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