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Why Might Your Elderly Loved One Be Sleeping More than You'd Like?

By Erin Carll

If you're finding your elderly loved one asleep more often than not when you check on her during the day, you might find yourself a little concerned about that fact. Sleeping during the day can mean that your loved one might be having other issues, so it's worth investigating further.

Medication Side Effects

Medication can have different side effects, even sometimes for different people. If your loved one takes quite a few different medications, those side effects can even compound themselves or manifest in different ways. Always talk to your loved one's doctor if you suspect that her medication may be causing problems for her in any way.

Sleeping Poorly at Night

When your loved one doesn’t sleep well at night, that can leave her wide awake all night and then sleepy during the day when she wants to be awake. Finding the cause can help you find the solution, but there are so many potential causes. If your loved one experiences chronic pain, it might be more troublesome at night. Poor sleep hygiene, such as not having a before bed routine to cue her body that it's time for sleep, could be another culprit. You may have to go through some trial and error.


It is not unusual for your elderly loved one to be bored rather than actually tired. She may not have enough mentally stimulating activities to keep her busy during the day or she may no longer like the activities that she has access to. Try introducing her to new hobbies, activities, or people to see if that helps her boredom. Hiring senior care providers can help quite a bit, especially if you're not able to be there with your elderly loved one during the day.


Some elderly loved ones become depressed due to health conditions or simply because their life is no longer the same as it was. Your loved one may have experienced quite a bit of loss in her life, which can also contribute to depression. If you suspect that your loved one is depressed, talk to her doctor right away. There are tools available that can help your loved one to beat her depression.

If you're not sure what is going on with your loved one's sleeping habits, always make sure to work with her doctor. Her doctor can figure out the most optimal solution based on her full health picture.

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