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How Can You Make Your Elderly Loved One's Bathroom Safer without Making it Ugly?

By Erin Carll

It's a real Catch-22. You want your loved one to be safer at home, but she doesn't want her house to be less aesthetically pleasing. You can both get your way.

Grab Bars Can Be Decorative

Grab bars are incredibly helpful if your loved one needs additional balance or if she needs extra leverage when getting up from the toilet. But they're not known for being all that attractive, especially if you opt for the stainless steel version. The good news for your elderly loved one is that grab bars have come a long way. There are versions available now that are much more decorative and that are just as stable.

Choose LED Light Fixtures

Older light fixtures almost all use incandescent lighting, which isn't as bright or as energy-efficient as it could be. Switching out your loved one's older light fixtures for LED light fixtures immediately updates her bathroom, of course. But it also improves her electricity usage, gives her extended life on her light bulbs, and improves the lighting in the bathroom. When your loved one can see better, she can avoid obstacles and other dangers.

Swap out Damaged Flooring for Non-slippery Options

If the flooring in your loved one's home is damaged at all or older, you may be tempted to replace it. If that's an option for you, look for flooring options that are less slippery than their former counterparts, such as ceramic tile. Newer flooring designed for bathrooms is fabricated to reduce slipping even when it's wet. This can especially be helpful if your loved one needs help from other people such as yourself or home care providers while bathing. That way you know that no one is at risk of falling.

Consider the Tub or Shower Stall

Replacing a tub or a shower stall is a big deal, definitely. In some cases, it's warranted, however. If this is a possibility in your loved one's home, look for shower stalls that don't require your loved one to step up or into the stall. Walk-in tubs that allow your loved one to sit comfortably and bathe are another excellent option.

Consider a Raised Toilet

When the toilet is too low, your loved one might have difficulty getting up or she could find herself off balance when she does try to get up. One alternative is to install a raised toilet instead. There are also decorative toilet raisers that you can install between the toilet and the floor.

Your elderly loved one will love the enhanced feeling of safety that she's going to have and you'll feel better knowing that she's much safer in her bathroom.

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