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What Are Some Issues Your Loved One Might Experience with Her Dentures?

By Erin Carll

Many people presume that dentures can solve all sorts of dental issues for their elderly loved one. This can be very much the case, however there are potential problems with your loved one's dentures that can cause her pain or other problems. Learning how to spot those problems can help you get her proper care much more quickly.

They Slide Around

Properly fitted dentures shouldn't slide around on your loved one's gums, ideally. Your loved one's gums and the bones in her jaw can change over time, which can cause her dentures to no longer fit correctly. It's also possible that there were issues with the initial fitting, which can cause the dentures to be too loose now.

They Hurt

Pain is also a symptom of ill-fitting dentures, but your loved one can have pain due to other issues, too. If your loved one has canker sores or other dental problems, dentures can rub against them. Swelling in the gums can create pain as well. Some habits, such as your loved one grinding her teeth, can create severe pain for her in her gums and her jaw.

They Cause Calluses

For some people, dentures can rub so much in a particular spot that they create a callus on the gum line. Left to continue, these calluses can require surgery in order to heal the area completely. Regular dental care can help your loved one to avoid these calluses since her dentist can spot the warning signs quickly.

Your Loved One Can't Eat Foods She Enjoys

One of the reasons that your loved one probably got dentures was to ensure that she could eat the foods that she loves. If she's not able to eat even a few of the foods that she loves, she might forego wearing her dentures or she might stick to only eating soft or liquid foods.
Your loved one should definitely keep up with her dental appointments, even if she has dentures. Her dentist can work to correct some of these issues. If you can't take her to her appointments, consider hiring senior care providers who have experience with helping loved ones to appointments.

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