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How Can You Tell if Your Senior Is Having Trouble with Her Cognitive Functions?

By Erin Carll

Cognitive functions involve your senior's memory, her ability to pay attention, and her reasoning skills. When those are suffering, she may be having significant trouble with her daily life and communication.

She Has Trouble with Her Memory Frequently

Everyone has trouble remembering things now and again. But if your senior is experiencing memory trouble more often than not, that can be a sign of trouble with her cognitive abilities. Giving your elderly family member frequent reminders can feel frustrating for her and for you, so she may be acting out some, too.

She Has Difficulty Solving Problems

One of the ways that your senior can exercise her brain is by solving problems. She can do this literally, with word games or puzzles, or she can do this in everyday life by handling various situations. If she's displaying difficulty with solving problems that she's faced every day, she may need more help. Having home care providers available when you're not there can give both of you an added layer of security.

She's Getting Lost Regularly

Whether she's walking or driving, your senior may start to get lost or suddenly feel as if she doesn't know where she is. This can be terrifying and it might make your elderly family member take a wrong turn or otherwise make the situation worse.

She's Repeating Stories and Questions

Pretty much everyone has told a story that they've told before, but this is slightly different. This type of repetition may feel a little more worrisome because your senior may ask you what time it is and then a few minutes later, ask the same question again. This is a form of memory loss, but it can also be soothing to your senior to repeat these stories, words, and questions.

She Has Trouble Finishing a Thought

Once your elderly family member starts a thought, note whether she consistently has trouble following up on it. If she does, this can be a sign that she's experiencing difficulty putting her thoughts together and formulating sentences based on the ideas she has.

If you're concerned about some of the situations you're noticing with your aging adult, be sure to bring them up with her doctor. He can run tests and get to the root cause of whatever is going on.

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