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How Can You Deal with Overwhelm as a Caregiver?

By Amy Felman

Overwhelm is probably not unfamiliar to you as a caregiver. How you deal with it is what's truly important, because it doesn't go away on its own. Finding the right solution for you might depend on what is causing the feelings of overwhelm.

Talk to Your Senior's Doctor

It's highly likely that part of what is overwhelming you has to do with symptoms, issues, or behaviors that your senior is exhibiting. Often these issues have a medical basis, so it helps to talk to your elderly family member's doctor about what's going on. Depending on the situation and the cause, the solution could be as simple as a medication change or other small adjustment. Starting at her doctor's office gives you a chance to see whether the situation is one that can be corrected easily or not.

Get Some Experienced Help

Another factor that plays into you feeling overwhelmed involves all the minutiae that go into caregiving. There's taking care of the house, keeping your senior fed, and all of the various tasks in between. Hiring experienced elderly care providers gives you someone that can handle some of those tasks for you. If your elderly family member needs transportation help, they can assist with that, too.

Don't Try to Solve Problems Alone

That old expression about two heads being better than one gets tossed around so much because it's accurate. If you have other family members, talk to them about what's causing you overwhelm. They may be able to help you to figure out a solution. Don't forget that friends can be great sounding boards, too. If you're feeling more alone than ever, consider joining a support group. They can help you to brainstorm solutions.

Get Help for Yourself if You're Still Feeling Overwhelmed

Sometimes the overwhelm you're experiencing is because of your own feelings. Working through those feelings isn't always easy to do, especially when you're busy being a caregiver. Finding a therapist or counselor to talk to can help you to find tools that give you what you need to break through the overwhelm you're feeling and the emotions behind it.

Feeling overwhelmed is a cue to you that you need to be doing something differently. When it comes to caregiving, don't ignore those feelings of overwhelm. When they first start to show up, you need to start figuring out what's causing the overwhelm and get a solution in place.

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