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Why Won't Your Senior Listen to Reason about Giving up Driving?

By Amy Felman

When you finally start to voice your concerns about your senior's ability to drive safely, you might get a reaction from her that you did not expect. There is a lot for you to unpack from her reaction that can help you to determine how you might want to proceed going forward.

Loss of Control Is a Huge Issue

So very much is out of control for your senior right now. She may be having serious health issues or she may have experienced other types of losses recently. Driving and being able to go where she wants as soon as she wants to do so may feel like one of the very few things your senior still can control herself.

Independence Is Another Huge Issue

Closely related to control is the urge for your senior to remain as independent as possible. When she thinks about hanging up her car keys, she may start to feel trapped and unable to do anything on her own ever again. This doesn't have to be the case at all, but from your senior's perspective, that's what it means.

What's Reasonable to You Isn't Reasonable from Her Point of View

To you, it might seem more than reasonable to sit down and talk about the trouble she might be having with driving. It might also be incredibly reasonable to find other solutions, whether that means having you or home care providers handling transportation for her. From your senior's point of view, though, that conversation may not feel reasonable at all. It may seem to come to her out of the blue, even if this talk has been coming for a long time.

It's Tough for Her to Accept that You're Right

Acknowledging that you have a point can be incredibly difficult for some aging adults. It might be so difficult, in fact, that she feels as if she has to hold onto her dissent with both hands. So even if she might deep down worry that you might be right, that doesn't mean that she's going to easily give up on driving.

The best thing that you can do is to remind your senior that you're there to help her to be as safe as possible. That might mean that she has home care providers who drive for her now, as long as she's safe. The conversation still might not go well, but eventually she may become more accepting than you thought possible at first.

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