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How to Stop Being the Exhausted Caregiver

By Amy Felman

It doesn't take long as a caregiver to find yourself consistently exhausted. There's a lot to keep up with and a lot to manage. You also might find that you're just not sleeping well. Whether that's due to health issues of your own or because you're worrying too much, there are some things that you can do.

Determine What Your Options Are

When you're not sleeping well, there are a lot of different reasons that can be the case. If you already know a few reasons why you're having trouble, that's a good start. You might want to talk with your own doctor about whether any health issues could be posing difficulties for you with sleep. Your doctor may have some suggestions for you that fit your particular situation, so it's always good to start there.

Check out Your Bedroom

Your sleep environment makes a big difference in your ability to sleep. If your bedroom is too hot, too cold, or uncomfortable in some other way that can subtly interfere with your ability to sleep well. Figure out if there's anything that you could or should change in order to help yourself get the sleep you need.

Revamp Your Nighttime Routine

Besides environment, your routine in the evening and before bed can affect whether you're getting the sleep you need. If you're going full speed all day and evening and then falling in bed, you may have a tough time getting to sleep. Give yourself time to unwind before bed and to slow down and prepare for sleep. You might want to avoid as well, since the blue light can keep you awake.

Stress Plays a Part

Being a caregiver almost always involves some level of stress. You and your senior may have a great relationship and still you experience stress and you worry about your elderly family member's care. It might be time for you to look at ways for you to relieve stress, whether that's by exercising a little more or simply taking time away from caregiving now and again. You might want to consider finding elder care providers who can help you to handle your senior's needs while you're taking care of yours.

You may find that you need to try a combination of different techniques to get your sleep back into a solid routine. Keep adjusting and verifying how well the changes work for you. Be patient with yourself and you'll find the right combination for you.

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