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Are You Still a Caregiver if You’re a Part-time Caregiver?

By Amy Felman

So many caregivers are in a position where they help their aging family members once in a while or with certain issues, but they don’t consider themselves to be caregivers. Or they’ll call themselves part-time caregivers instead. But the reality is that you’re under just as much pressure as a “real” caregiver and you’re just as real.

You’re Still Giving Care

No matter how much time each week you devote to caregiving, you’re still helping out with whatever it is your senior needs. You’re still giving care. For some caregivers, this is a tough concept. It feels more like offering intermittent help is something different. But if you can start calling this what it is, by the name of caregiving, you can get a better picture of what you’re doing.

You Might Face Bigger Challenges

Believe it or not, you can face bigger challenges as a part-time caregiver. You may have a more difficult time predicting when you’re needed and what your senior really needs. You also have a little less control over when you're senior is likely to cooperate with the help you’re offering. This might mean that you also have a tougher time cementing your schedule.

It’s Possible that You’ll Worry More

On that note, you might feel as if you’ve got a much freer schedule than a full-time caregiver has. But the unpredictability of your senior’s needs can actually cause you to worry more and might even keep you from engaging fully in other responsibilities and activities. When you’re away from your senior, you might not know when that call could come that lets you know that she needs your help now, rather than later.

You May Need More Help

It’s just as vital that you have help as a part-time caregiver, especially if you’re not able to drop other things that you’re doing when your senior needs you the most. Being able to count on elder care providers to offer that help in a pinch can be exactly what you need. They can help to ensure that you’re able to balance caregiving with all of your other responsibilities.

Caregiving encompasses a lot of different stages and scenarios. Your role as a caregiver might ebb and flow as your senior’s needs change. But you’re still facing some big challenges and you’re doing a lot. You’re still a caregiver, even if you’re not spending as much time actively caregiving as you will later.

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