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Four Simple Laundry Room Changes for Your Senior

By Amy Felman

As your elderly family member grows older, she might need to consider some changes that keep her laundry room a safe place for her. It might also be time to consider handing over laundry tasks to someone else for now in order to make life a little easier for your senior.

Put Laundry Detergents into Smaller Bottles

Buying laundry detergent and other laundry products in bulk is cheaper, but it can be difficult to lug around those big containers. Pouring detergent, fabric softeners, and other laundry products into smaller containers makes them much easier to use. If your elderly family member has arthritis or mobility issues, smaller containers are far more manageable.

Remove All Clutter from the Laundry Area

Laundry rooms are clutter magnets because these rooms are often out of the way a bit and they can contain items that are still in need of a home. But clutter can definitely be your senior’s enemy. Find a new place for items without a permanent home in your senior’s home and clear out the laundry area. If it’s a small closet or a larger room, it still needs to be accessible to her.

Add Lighting, if Necessary

Double check the lighting in that area. Even if it’s bright enough for you to see well in the laundry area, your senior might need a little bit more light. Talk to her about whether it’s difficult for her to see well or not and try out some brighter lighting to see if that makes a difference for her.

Assess the Path to the Laundry Room

Depending on where your senior’s laundry room is in her home, she may have some other issues. If the laundry room is in the basement, for instance, you’ll need to pay close attention to those stairs and the handrails for those stairs. Lighting is even more important for a basement laundry room, too. No matter where the laundry room or closet is, make sure that your senior has a clear pathway there so that she can safely access the room.

Is it time for your senior to allow someone else to take over laundry duties? This might be a task that she enjoys or that she feels should be hers alone, but having help from home care providers also ensures that she’s safe while still having clean laundry. It might take a little while to convince your aging family member that it’s time to make a shift.

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