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Senior Care Travels - Tips for Traveling with Your Loved One on Amtrak Day

By Vicki and Brian Day

Senior Care in Walnutport PA

Senior Care in Walnutport PATraveling with your elderly loved one can be an exceptional way for you to enhance your senior care journey. By spending time together on adventures that get you away from your usual routine you are creating memories that you will treasure well into the future while also pursuing your care goals in highly effective, meaningful ways. May 1 is Amtrak Day. This is the perfect time for you to choose a destination, pack your bags, and head out on a traditional form of transportation that has seen a major resurgence in popularity in recent years.

Train travel is an ideal form of travel for elderly people for a variety of reasons:

• Seats on trains tend to be larger than on planes, and have more legroom. This makes them more comfortable and enables your parent to stretch out a bit more during the trip

• Seats are generally positioned only two across rather than three as they are in planes. This makes it far less likely that your aging parent is going to end up sitting next to a stranger, and it eliminates the undesirable middle seat

• Not having to drive means that you are right with your aging parent throughout the entire trip. This enables you to offer the care and assistance that they need rather than having to wait for pit stops

• The set schedule of the train means that you have a good idea as to when you will arrive at your destination. This removes some of the anxiety that can come with not knowing how things like traffic, pit stops, and other issues will impact the duration of the trip

• Unlike if you were driving in a car, your parent can get up and roam around the train during the trip. A train offers far more room to walk than a plane and ensures that they do not have to just sit in one place for hours. Not only does this make the experience much more fun, but it also helps to dramatically reduce the risk that your aging parent will develop a blood clot during the trip

• Not having to drive also means that you can get some rest during the trip. This is especially helpful if you are planning a long trip. Instead of having to stop at a hotel or just being exhausted when you finally get to where you were going, you can nap during the journey and arrive refreshed

Use these tips to help you plan and enjoy a fantastic excursion on the train with your elderly parent:

• If your parent needs special accommodations due to physical challenges, make sure that you call ahead of time and discuss these with the train personnel so that they can put these into place ahead of time

• If your parent has wandering tendencies, considering having them sit next to the window. This means that you will be on the aisle and will be able to control your loved one's movements during the trip. That will allow you to rest more easily knowing that they cannot simply get up and walk away

• Pack a carryon bag with entertainment, snacks, and water to make the trip more comfortable and enjoyable. This will also help you to save money over buying these products from the snack car.