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Delicious Ways to Bump Up the Nutrition in Your Recipe During National Chili Month

By Vicki and Brian Day

Elderly Care in Slatington PA

October is National Chili Month. Now that the weather has gotten cooler and more people are hunkering down for filling, satisfying meals that will warm them up from the inside, it is the ideal time for you to find delicious ways that you can bump up the nutrition in your family’s chili so that you can feel good about serving them this cold weather favorite. You can also get the added benefit of being able to use a slow cooker to prepare your meal while handling the rest of the demands of your day, or cooking a large batch and freezing some so that you can pull it out for another meal on a busy day.

Try some of these delicious ways that you can bump up the nutrition in your chili recipe during National Chili Month and throughout the rest of the cold weather months:

• Add more beans. While there are some people who will argue that it is not really chili if it has beans in it, most people accept that chili does have beans, and you can bump up the nutrition in your next batch by adding even more. Beans are a fantastic source of protein and dietary fiber, and are extremely low in calories and naturally fat free. Adding more beans to your chili also makes it more satisfying so you can stretch each batch a little further. Try mixing up the types of beans you add for varying textures and flavors.

• Cut out the meat. An added benefit of adding more beans to your chili is that you can cut out the meat or at least reduce the amount that you put in. Meat is far heavier in fat and calories and is also more expensive. By replacing meat with beans you can save money and improve nutrition for family. Consider adding chopped up portabello mushrooms for a rich, meaty texture.

• Add veggies. Chili is a fantastic vessel for vegetables. The base itself is tomatoes, but you can take the vitamins, minerals, and fiber a step further by tossing in some more vegetables that will create a delicious flavor, rich texture, and even better nutrition. Try roasted corn and onions for a touch of sweetness and color, or green, yellow, and red bell peppers.

Elderly care is a fantastic way to help your loved one keep their mind more active and engaged. Getting into the kitchen gives them the opportunity to use their cognitive processing skills, memory skills, judgment, reasoning, and instruction-following skills. This keeps their mind sharper and more responsive, helping to ward off cognitive decline and memory loss as they age in place. An elderly home care services provider can provide your aging parent safe and reliable transportation to the grocery store when they need to and help them select healthy foods that fit in with their nutritional guidelines. They can then help them to find the right recipe and prepare their chili. This gives them the chance to work their mind while also enjoying a delicious and filling meal.