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Home Technology and Tools to Help a Senior Suffering from Hearing Loss

By Vicki and Brian Day

Elder Care in Schnecksville PA

One of the most common changes that seniors tend to face as they get older is a decline in their ability to hear clearly. The physical changes that come with aging impact the internal structures of the ear, making it so that the sound does not move as effectively through to the brain so that their mind can interpret it. Other issues, such as excessive earwax, some medical issues, and even certain medications, along with trauma or damage caused by implements or excessive sound, can further this hearing loss. Even minor hearing loss can lead to a dramatic decrease in your aging loved one’s functionality and quality of life. Integrating helpful tips, tools, and technology that can help them with this reduced function can help your parent to continue living the lifestyle that they desire and deserve.

Some of the home technology and tool that you can use to help your aging parent as they deal with hearing loss include:

• Modified doorbell. Without effective hearing, your elderly loved one might not be able to hear the doorbell or someone knocking on the door. A modified doorbell includes both sound and flashing lights so that if someone rings it, your parent can see the lights flashing and know that there is someone at the door.

• Modified smoke detector. A smoke detector is one of the most important pieces of home safety technology that your aging parent can have in their home. In order for it to work effectively, however, they must know when it is going off. If they cannot hear properly, your parent might not know that they are in danger. A modified smoke detector uses bright, strobe lights to indicate a fire so that your parent can respond quickly and appropriately respond.

• Headphones. Watching television or listening to music can be challenging for an adult who does not hear well. This might cause them to turn the volume up to an extreme level, making it uncomfortable for anyone else in the home. Encourage them to wear headphones that connect to the television or radio so that they can increase the volume to the point that is comfortable for them. Be sure, however, that they do not use the volume too high as this could cause further damage to their ears and worsen their hearing.

If your aging parent is suffering from hearing loss, now may be the ideal time for you to consider starting elder care for them. An elderly home care services provider can help your parent maintain as much of their independence as possible throughout their later years by providing them with a customized approach to care, support, and assistance designed specifically to give them the highest quality of life possible as they age in place. As your parent deals with the changes that come along with a shift in their ability to hear clearly, this care provider can help your parent to continue engaging in the types of activities that they enjoy, stay active, and maintain a lifestyle that is healthy, fulfilling, and enjoyable as they age in place.