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Holiday Decorating “Hacks” for Dazzle Without the Hassle

By Vicki and Brian Day

Senior Care in Northampton PA

This is the time of year when many families are thinking about decorating their home to make it appealing, inviting, and festive for the holidays. For many elderly adults, however, traditional holiday decorating can be far more difficult than it once was. Challenges and limitations from balance and mobility issues to cognitive function decline can make it so that your parent feels that they might not be able to have their holiday home as they want to. Holiday decorations can also make you concerned that your parent is not as safe as you would want them to be. Fortunately there are ways that you can simplify decorating so that your aging parent can enjoy the joy and celebration of the holidays while staying safe and comfortable.

Let these holiday “hacks” inspire you to decorate your aging parent’s home this year in the way that is right for their needs:

• Spray paint lights. Strands of lights are one of the most common sights during the holiday season. While green strands are perfect for making lights seem to float within trees, they can be awkward looking in other areas of the home. Spray paint cords and bulb fastenings silver, gold, or white to compliment your parent’s decorations. Not only will this make them more attractive, but can also help them to stand out more so that they are less of a tripping or slipping hazard.

• Minimize tree lighting. Wrapping a tree with lights can be time-consuming, confusing, and set you up for difficulty at the end of the season. Ensure that your aging parent has the beautiful tree that they love without the hassle by tucking the tree into a corner and only stringing the lights on the front. Use a diagonal pattern with the corners tucked toward the back to create the full, illuminated appearance without having to coil the strands around the entire tree.

• Neaten your parent’s wrapping area. Help your loved one create beautiful gifts for their family members and friends without causing chaos by making a wrapping area. Store rolls of wrapping paper in garment bags and arrange rolls of ribbon on a paper towel holder so that all elements are kept organized.

• Recycle leftover decorations. Trim down on your parent’s holiday budget by using leftover decorations in creative ways. Try taking scraps of ribbons, curling them with a pair of scissors, and hanging them from the tree, or using a paper punch to cut small pieces out of wrapping paper to fill plastic ornaments for a festive, inexpensive touch.

The holiday season is a wonderful time for you to consider starting senior care for your aging parent. This time of year can be stressful and even overwhelming for you as a family caregiver, but it is important to remember that you need to make sure that your aging parent’s needs continue to be met effective, efficiently and properly. A senior home care services provider can step in to fill any care gaps that might arise, provide your aging parent with a highly personalized set of services specifically tailored toward their individual needs, challenges, personality, and goals, and even support them in participating in the holidays as much as is possible and appropriate for them. This can ensure that their mental and emotional health stays as high while also supporting greater independence and activity. For you, this senior care can help you relieve stress and anxiety, and ensure that you can do what you need and want to do to prepare for and celebrate the holidays while also knowing that your loved one is getting everything they need to stay safe, healthy, and comfortable throughout the season.