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Encouraging Your Aging Parent to Look Her Best on Gorgeous Grandma Day

By Vicki and Brian Day

Elder Care in Slatington PA

For many elderly women one of the greatest challenges of getting older is feeling as though they have lost their femininity and their connection with what it is that really makes them women. This can be extremely emotionally challenging for them and lead to depression, anxiety, stress, and loss of motivation. Encouraging your aging parent to feel beautiful and feminine can make a tremendous difference in their perception of themselves and of life, helping them to stay healthier and happier as they age in place. 

July 23 is Gorgeous Grandma Day. This is the ideal opportunity for you to spend quality time with your aging loved one helping her to reconnect with her feminine side and feel better about herself as she gets older.

Use these tips to help you encourage your aging parent to look her best:

  • Revamp their skin care. If your aging parent is using the same basic skin care regimen that she has used most of her life it is likely that she is not getting the most benefit from it any longer. Older skin needs special care, including more moisture and gentler formulations. Consider changing the products that they use to address these needs so that they can enjoy healthier, more comfortable, and more beautiful skin.

  • Get their hair done. Having healthy, styled, beautiful hair is one of the ways that many women connect with their sense of femininity. Bring your parent to a salon so that she can enjoy feeling pampered and can possibly find a new style that works for her changing appearance. Now that she is older and her hair may be thinner, she might benefit from a shorter cut, or one that creates the appearance of volume. This simple change can make a tremendous difference in how your parent feels about herself.

  • Do her nails. Spend some quality time together giving her a manicure. Encourage her to choose a polish color that shows off her personality and have fun talking and sharing as you make her hands more beautiful.

  • Experiment with cosmetics. Even those seniors who used to wear cosmetics regularly often stop as they get older. They may feel as though they no longer need them because they do not go out as much, or that they do not look right with it on any longer. This, however, can make them feel less feminine and attractive. Experiment with softer, more subtle cosmetics that still make your parent feel womanly and beautiful. Even a touch of powder and blush can brighten your parent up and make her feel more "put together", which increases self-esteem and improves mental and emotional health.

If you are concerned that your elderly parent is dealing with issues of aging such as depression or withdrawal, consider elder care. An elderly home care services provider can be an incredible source of support and encouragement for your aging parent, but can also offer valuable services such as reliable transportation and physical care that enable your senior to be more active and to maintain as much of "themselves" as possible.