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Avoid the Need to ‘Pick Up the Pieces’ After a Senior Falls

By Vicki and Brian Day

Elderly Care in Slatington PA

‘Picking up the pieces’ is an expression that people use after a disaster has occurred. It could be an accident that led to injuries, a loss of a loved one, divorce, or any number of other situations. When a senior is getting older, it’s important to avoid the need to pick up the pieces, especially when things can be done beforehand to improve safety and reduce the risk of accidents or other incidences that can devastate an entire family.

How do we avoid the need to pick up the pieces?

One of the most important first steps is to acknowledge safety concerns that seniors may have, especially if they live at home alone. Some of these concerns could have to do with lighting, general home upkeep and maintenance, or their safety when going up and down stairs.

For example, an elderly individual may call on their adult son or daughter for help after work one evening. They may need to get something from the basement, but simply don’t have the strength to carry it up a flight of stairs. If that’s the case, what else could they be struggling with?

Stair lifts might be something to consider.

A stair lift can help seniors stay safer and it provides an option. The aging individual could rely on the stair lift on any given day or decide to go up and down the stairs on their own. It would be up to them.

For a family who has a loved one dealing with this type of challenge (getting up and down stairs safely) and who doesn’t do anything to improve safety, it increases the risk of a serious accident and devastating fall.

People often avoid certain topics like this because of the perceived cost. They may assume a stair lift would cost several thousand dollars, but if it’s viewed as a cost, then there is little benefit to it. It should be viewed as an investment.

It’s an investment in safety.

By making a good investment in safety, it helps each senior remain at home in a comfortable environment.
Considering grab bars to be installed in and around the tub or shower surround is also a good idea. This may be practical and might appear easy to install, but it should only be done by an experienced contractor. These grab bars need to be anchored into the wall studs to ensure safety and security for the senior.

This coming new year, avoid having to help somebody pick up the pieces after a devastating fall by focusing on safety for that senior in the comfort of their home first.