Why work for Home Helpers - Our employee's words

Caregiver Feedback from our monthly third party job satisfaction surveys

How effective is their training?

  • They took my skill sets that I had and built upon them.  They made me a much better caregiver.
  • They come out with use to the client’s home to train us

Why did you choose to work for Home Helpers?

  • It’s a small company and they work around my schedule.  They are interested in me as a person

How clearly has Home Helpers shared the importance of your role and set proper expectations?

  • They give a complete synopsis of the clients before we go in.  The care plan is very good
  • They make sure we understand everything and know exactly what the client needs

How would you rate the office support staff and their communication?

  • They are open to ideas, they always ask about my clients and provide updates from other staff on the same case.  They are willing to work around my schedule
  • The office staff is friendly and polite.  Everyone is considerate.
  • I love absolutely everything,  They are caring and they take care of their employees.  They really care about their clients.
  • They company never gave me an issue and I love working with them.  They go out of their way to help me in any possible way that they can