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Purpose Statement

We are the extended family when the family can’t be there. Our goal is to make life easier by delivering the same exceptional care we would expect for ourselves and our families. We will provide services to support any individual wherever they call home.

Caring Corner 

The Rewards of Being a Caregiver

 By Vicki Crow

If you want a fulfilling career that allows you to serve people in your community, caregiving may be the right job for you. At Home Helpers of Walnutport, our employees serve a critical purpose in the lives of patients every day. Many caregivers begin their work to make other people happy, but they often experience happiness because of their job as well. There are many benefits to this kind of work and multiple reasons you should consider it.


Helping Others Live Better Lives

It is no surprise that seniors often experience a decline in their quality of life as they lose the ability to take care of themselves. A caregiver improves the lives of their patients every day.


  • Increased awareness - Seniors are seldom aware of all they should be doing to take care of their minds and bodies. Caregivers educate their patients on healthy living and empower them to do more for themselves.
  • Consistent social interaction - Interacting with people is an important part of mental health and brain function. Without someone to care for them, the elderly often become isolated and decline in mental health.
  • Regular movement - Seniors are frequently sedentary when left to themselves, which results in more rapid physical decline. A caretaker can help them improve their overall health with frequent activity.
  • Proper medication - As a caregiver, you can make sure their medications are taken in the right doses at the right times, which is critical for their health.


These are only a few of the many ways you could change lives in a caregiving job. Through simple day to day tasks, your presence would impact the life of a senior immeasurably.


Improving Your Own Life

Most people who consider a career in caregiving think first and foremost about the lives of others. However, there are profound rewards for your own life in this field.


  • Physical health - The constant movement and activity of a caregiving job often results in better physical health and fitness in the caregiver. Many caregivers grow stronger due to the activity of their jobs.
  • Mental function - Studies show caregivers score higher than average on tests for memory and information processing speeds.
  • Confidence - When you take care of another person, your confidence in yourself and your abilities grows, because you know they depend on you. People in positions where others rely on them grow in leadership and self-satisfaction.


Though your primary reason for caregiving may be to care for a senior, you would also take better care of yourself.


Are you ready to do good for your life and the lives of others? Contact Home Helpers to begin your career as a caregiver.

5 Reasons To Become a Home Caregiver

 By Vicki Crow


Caregiving for seniors is a fulfilling vocation to those who choose it. People who become home caregivers receive so much more than just a paycheck. These are just a few of the reasons why becoming a caregiver may be perfect for you.


  1. Benefit From an Adaptable Schedule

If you’re a college student, stay-at-home parent, or part-time employee, finding a job with flexible, part-time hours can seem next to impossible. A home caregiver is only needed at certain times of the day. This can make it easy to find hours that fit around your classes, child’s schedule, or other job hours.


  1. Build Personal Relationships

The intense, impersonal environment of a customer service job can be draining. Caregiving lets you bond with the seniors or disabled clients you support. The 1:1 focus of the job also creates a more relaxed environment. The relationships you build may last beyond the time you work as a caregiver.


  1. Receive Emotional Fulfillment

Ultimately, people stay in this profession because they appreciate making a difference in someone’s life. You are improving the quality of life for your clients, allowing them to age in place, and probably helping them live longer. Regular interaction with people has been shown to stave off Alzheimer’s and extend the lifespan of seniors. Unlike many jobs, being a home caregiver means doing something that truly matters.  


  1. Provide Basic Assistance

As a caregiver you are not expected to act as a medical professional or do strenuous labor. The position is as much about friendly visits as it is about other duties. Here are most of the tasks you will be expected to do:


  • Provide companionship
  • Give reminders for medication
  • Provide assistance with personal care
  • Perform light household chores
  • Transport client to local appointments
  • Encourage participation in stimulating activities


  1. Enjoy Job Security

While some home caregivers might be interested in a short-term position, this is a job with long-term potential. The senior population is growing rapidly as the baby boomers become older. The need for caregiving is increasing and it will never be made obsolete. If the advantages of this profession are enticing to you, there is no reason to ever leave it.


Work at a Job You Love

This rewarding position has so much to give both you and the clients you’ll serve. Whether you’re looking for your first job in healthcare or just want to be the light in a senior’s life, caregiving can be an exceptional opportunity. If the benefits of becoming a home caregiver are right for you, contact us today.

Caregiver Central 

We are pleased to welcome the following as new members to the Home Helpers team

Krystal Evans

Hayley Accardi

We would like to congratulate the following monthly award winners for May

Donna Johnson    –    Caregiver of the Month

Joan Farrell           –    Rookie of the Month

Natalie Nodzo       –    Scheduler MVP

The following team members will have work anniversaries during the month of June – thank you for being awesome team members

Marylou Desanto    –    3 years

Donna Johnson       –    1 year

Kathy Transue         –   3 years

Tracy Weider           –    1 year

Billie Jo Witczak      –    3 years