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Purpose Statement

We are the extended family when the family can’t be there. Our goal is to make life easier by delivering the same exceptional care we would expect for ourselves and our families. We will provide services to support any individual wherever they call home.

Caring Corner 

The Importance & Benefits of Respite Care

Just as elderly individuals or those with disabilities need a bit of help to make it through the day, the same is true of those who are in the role as the primary caregiver. Here at Home Helpers of Walnutport, we like to make sure loved ones don’t burn themselves out or feel overwhelmed. For that reason, we’d like to touch on the importance as well as the benefits of respite care for caregivers who might feel emotionally, mentally and physically drained because of their duties.


The Importance

One reason respite care is so essential for caregivers is because they need time and space to recharge their batteries so they can take the best care of their loved one or patient. It’s also vital that caregivers have the time they need to tend to their own lives and obligations; their lives don’t just stop while they’re taking care of others. With respite care, they can take care of themselves, spend time with their friends and family and have a few less thing to worry about.


Something else to think about is the fact that unnecessary accidents can result from caregivers being burnt out. When those who provide in-home care are well-rested, there’s less of a chance of the people they take care of becoming injured or receiving lackluster treatment.


The Benefits

With respite care, caregivers can experience a boost of energy and renew their moods. No matter how much you might like taking care of others, it’s just as important that you take out time to take care of yourself and your own needs. Caregivers aren’t caregivers 24/7, and they might not have been caregivers all their professional lives. What this means is that you likely have hobbies and interests outside the realm of caregiving, and taking out time for yourself allows you to get back to those hobbies and interests, allowing you to cultivate a sense of satisfaction as well as a life for yourself, which goes a long way in helping you preserve your sense of identity.


Even though they might be around people during the entire course of their duties, caregivers can still isolate themselves from the rest of the world by being around their charges and patients day in and day out. Respite care allows them to see other people and parts of the community, such as friends and family.


Caregivers who have started to feel a little fatigue owe themselves a break. If you feel you’re part of this category, Home Helpers of Walnutport has you and your patients covered. Be sure to fill out a Contact Us form here on our site to learn more.        

Benefits of Becoming a Professional Caregiver

Are you feeling a bit unsatisfied in your current line of work? Or maybe you’ve been looking for ways to give back to your family or local community. Either way, Home Helpers of Walnutport feels that becoming a professional caregiver is a great option for those looking for jobs in the Lehigh Valley area. Here are a few reasons why:


Spend Time With Loved Ones

Maybe your elderly mother, father or other family member is the one in need of a caregiver. If so, you’ll be able to spend more time with her or him, which is something many wish they had before a loved one passed on. What’s more is you’ll be able to create new, treasured memories with your loved one.


Even if it’s not a family member in need of a caregiver, you still have the knowledge and comfort of knowing that you’re bringing a smile to another person’s face and making them feel special with your presence. Ask any current caregivers and they’re sure to tell you that what they do is much more than just a job.



You might be someone who gives deep consideration to variety while searching for careers in Walnutport. Caregiving offers you the opportunity to visit patients in several different environments every day. Not only that, but you don’t have to worry about being trapped behind a desk or in an office for several hours a day for several days on end. Caregiving lets you move around all while you take care of your charges.


A Sense of Satisfaction

With some jobs, you can enjoy the work that you do, but it might not give you the same feeling of satisfaction that a career like caregiving has to offer. When you help take care of someone, you improve that person’s overall quality of life and sense of well-being, which you can’t say about every job out there. That satisfaction can help ward off the feelings of discontent and boredom some have about their jobs.


Beat Off Stress and Depression

Job dissatisfaction can lead to stress and depression, which is sure to take a toll on your mental and physical health. As a caregiver, you might be surprised at how your mood and overall outlook on life change for the better as you take care of others.


Know that you don’t need experience or certification to become a caregiver. Here at Home Helpers of Walnutport, we’ll gladly train those who have the desire and compassion to help others. Contact us if you’re interested in getting started on your next career. 

Caregiver of the Month

When it came time to choose our very first employee of the month Sally Brocius, we did not have to look any further than this heartfelt letter from a family member of a client she cared for, which stated:

"Words cannot express how thankful I am for all you did for mom and me. You were actually an angel! You are one special lady who helps make elderly people’s lives much better. You are kind, thoughtful and supportive of your clients. Home Helpers should be thankful that they have an employee like you!! You were more than just a home helper- you became part of our family! Again, thank you for everything! I wish you all the best and you will forever be a friend! Love, Marilyn" 

May Newsletter