Client Testimonials 2019

The opinion of our clients is critical to us. It shows how we can improve to continue offering the best Senior Care, Dementia Care, Alzheimer’s Care and Home Care Services available in Bath, Walnutport(Northern Lehigh Valley), Jim Thorpe(Carbon County),  and Bangor (Slatebelt). Here’s what they have been saying about us:

★★★★★ Harilal N
It makes life easier because it gives us time to do other things and run errands.

★★★★★ Shirley T

I’m very happy about them also because they sent me a card when I turned 91 recently. They help me in so many ways. My sons and I all appreciate it.

★★★★★ Paulie  

Without them, my mother wouldn’t be able to be at home.

★★★★★ Terry K

My caregivers show compassion with their talk and sitting me with to talk. They don’t run out fast on me, which I like.

Joanne H

They engage my mom in conversation and do crafts with her, and do extra stuff, like paint her nails to make her feel special.


It is not just a job for her. She is always asking her how she is doing and asks her about her family.

Tracy L
They make Tracy laugh and show her that they can be her friend. Tracy needs that. They make sure she is in a good mood and not depressed.

★★★★★ Carl E 

They’re extremely personable, and they always ask if he needs anything, like if he wants to move to a more comfortable location. They volunteer to do stuff, and they don’t try to get out of anything.

★★★★★ Rose K

They respect my well being and I feel that they take care of me well. I can talk with them and they want to hear what I say.