Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Home Helpers is a national franchise organization.  We have been in business for over 21 years. Each office is independently owned and operated.  However, each must follow strict guidelines established by Home Helpers corporate.  Home Helpers is not a registry organization.  All caregivers are employees of Home Helpers.

We find our caregivers through multiple sources.  We rely on advertisements placed in social media outlets and applications received on our website. One of our most reliable sources is recommendations from existing caregivers. We have been recognized as an “employer of choice” by Home Care Pulse. This helps us attract very qualified candidates.

We look at two different areas when we hire caregivers.  One is, do they have the necessary skills and experience to do the tasks expected for caregivers.? For instance, if they are going to provide assistance with ADL’s (activities of daily living) for a client we would like them to either be a CNA or have a minimum three years of experience.  The second area we evaluate during our interview process is; do they exhibit an appropriate level of passion to want to work with seniors.  We’ll accept some shortfall in the experience area because we believe we can train for the necessary skills.  But if they don’t have the correct attitude they don’t get hired.

We also require good English writing and oral proficiency. We want our caregiver to be able to communicate effectively with our clients.

We are a State of California, Department of Social Services, Licensed Home Care Organization. Our license number is 37400104. In order to maintain our license, all our caregivers must go through a Live Scan background check. This is a fingerprint-based background check that is run against the CA DOJ and the National FBI databases to check for arrest records. In order to be hired there can be no record of any arrest.

In addition to the Live Scan review, our agency also does a drug screen and we check the driving record of each employee.

The first thing we show them is a job description and ask if they would have any problem doing any of the tasks in the job description.  When possible we check their references with former employers. For the first 90 days, they are on probation so we check their performance with clients where they have been assigned.  If we detect that they can’t perform any client task well, we either train them to do so or dismiss them.

First, each new employee receives a two-hour orientation where they are taught the basics of in-home care and our specific agency requirements. The state of California requires each state licensed agency to provide a minimum of five hours of annual training. We require our caregivers to receive 10 hours of training per year. Through our professional training provider, we can offer our caregivers over 500 different courses. We always train our caregivers for the specific needs of the clients they serve.

We also have a Certified Alzheimer’s trainer as part of our management team. We like any of our caregivers that are working with dementia clients to become an Alzheimer’s Certified Home Care Aide.

Yes, we carry both complete liability coverage and worker’s comp insurance for all our caregivers. In addition, since they are our employees, we file all the necessary tax withholding and unemployment insurance payments with both the federal government and the State of California.  Our clients have no liability or paperwork issues to deal with when our caregivers arrive at their home.

Yes, we try our best to match caregivers with clients.  Once we establish a good fit we attempt to use that caregiver with the client 90%+.  We do recommend that every once in a while, we use a backup caregiver so that if the primary caregiver is not available the replacement is not a stranger.

Yes, we have excellent bench strength.  We do our best to provide a good match but every once in a while it doesn’t work out. In those cases we provide new caregivers until the client is satisfied. We have been told by our clients that have used other agencies that our caregivers are the best.

Yes, we always check with new clients after the first day, the third day, and the tenth day of service.  We always then continue to monitor client satisfaction monthly.  Both our Director of Operations and our Clinical Care Consultant do drop-ins at each client to monitor caregiver performance.  This happens at least once per month, usually more often, and many of these visits are done unannounced.