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February is Heart Health Month!

February is Heart Health Month!

Heart disease is a leading cause of death in the United States among both men and women. Keeping your heart healthy, especially as you age, is all the more important. Here are some tips to keep in mind about heart health for seniors.

Meat Matters

While meat is a good source of protein for those who eat it, not all meat is created equal. In fact, meats that are fatty like beef, pork, or lamb increase your risk of heart disease. Try to buy fish like salmon or trout. They contain things like omega-3s which are good for your health and fats that help promote heart health. If you do want other types of fatty meats, try to find ones that are leaner.

Make Sure to Exercise Safely

Exercise, especially ones that are cardio-based, help keep your heart in good shape. Walking is one good way to get your heart going. Swimming helps too since it gets the heart rate up. Just make sure that any heart healthy exercise is undertaken safely to avoid injuries.

Reduce Heart Disease Risks

Multiple things factor into the risk of getting heart disease as you age. Reducing them will help lower the chances of heart problems occurring as you age. These include:

Weight- Maintaining a healthy weight along with a healthy diet will help your heart. This decreases risk for high blood pressure and blocked arteries which can result from an unhealthy weight and junk food.

Smoking- Smoking increases the risk of heart attacks and it’s bad for your lungs.

Alcohol- Alcohol also leads to high blood pressure along with arrhythmias, and cholesterol.

Get Your Sleep

Lack of sleep impacts heart health too. At least 6 to 8 hours each night is recommended. Take a nap during the day if necessary. Keys to a good night’s rest include avoiding TV at night as well as electronics.

Maintaining a healthy heart is vital for living a healthy life. Follow these tips to get started on your heart healthy journey and visit the American Heart Association to learn more about keeping your heart in shape.