Caregiver Spotlight

Caregiver Spotlight

Our Caregiver Spotlight is used to recognize our outstanding staff who go above and beyond to meet the needs of our clients. These staff are what makes Home Helpers so successful and it is because of their efforts that we will get to service our clients needs for many years to come. Our exceptional caregivers are the backbone of this industry and deserve to be recognized for their valiant efforts in meeting clients needs while elevating our clients lives to the highest level possible. The recipients of this recognition are those who understand the larger picture when it comes to our clients. They know that while it may not always be a glamorous job, they recognize that the impact that they have made on their clients is one that will stick with them for the rest of their lives.

Our Current Caregiver Spotlight Recipient is:

 Shauna Greenleaf!

Shauna Greenleaf

Shauna has been one of our most reliable caregivers for over two years. In that two year span Shauna has missed only one day of work due to icy roads and inclement weather. She is one who you can always count on to show up and help out almost anytime we need her to. There are very few people who can match Shauna with the amount of care and compassion that she brings to her job every shift.

Along with presenting her with her certificate for being our Spotlighted Caregiver, we also presented her with a certificate of completion for completing an optional 13 hour course to be certified in Alzheimer and Parkinson care. This type of accomplishment brings out what we believe to be one of Shauna’s best qualities. Though she was not required to complete the entire course at once, instead it would be broken up over time, she opted to hit the books so she could become more proficient in her job duties.

As a formerly licensed CNA/STNA Shauna has been with several other organizations over the years and we are so very thrilled that she has elected to remain with Home Helpers of the MOV. Her experience and knowledge have proven to be invaluable alone but when combined with the consistency and reliability that she presents on a daily basis she becomes a benchmark for others to strive to achieve.

Previous Winners:

Linda Stanley

Linda is another one of our many great caregivers. She’s the type of person who recognizes the need that clients have and understands that things can sometimes change at a moments notice. We have always been able to count on Linda to be ready and willing to work almost anywhere at any time. It is caregivers like her that truly make it possible for us to provide the service we do to our clients. Linda has worked with a wide array of clients and has always been able to help bring joy to whoever she works for. Linda is very close with her family and considers her clients just an extension of her family.

"I really like being able to help people so they don’t have to worry about the little things. It’s just nice being able to go home at the end of the day and know that I got to make someone’s life easier. I get to feel accomplished by making them feel at ease."

Linda is truly a one of a kind caregiver who after 5 years of service with us we hope we get to see her for 5 more years. Compassion is not always something that can be taught. Some, like Linda, have a natural aptitude for it which truly makes her a blessing to have on the Home Helpers team.


Cindy Cottle

We very easily decided that it was time to Spotlight Cindy in our Caregiver Spotlight Award. Cindy is a caregiver who constantly goes above and beyond. She has been with us for right around a year now and has quickly climbed the ranks as one of our most reliable and eager caregivers. There are very few, if any, challenges that we have thrown at Cindy that she hasn’t been able to master. She is one who has not only been able to learn and adapt in any environment but has been able to thrive. We asked Cindy what her favorite parts of her job were and this is what she had to say.

“I love working with my clients but it is so rewarding to see the impact and build the relationships with the client’s families as well. When I first go into a place you can usually feel the hesitation by the client and the family. Very quickly all of that melts away and you can just see the comfort and appreciation on everyone’s faces. A former client of mine asked me what her purpose was in life; I responded to her by telling her that her purpose in life was to be MY teacher so I could not only take care of her but anyone else”

We certainly look forward to continuing to work with Cindy in the future and watch how her dedication to her job impacts the lives of those she serves. I believe that I speak for all of her clients and ourselves when I say, “Thanks Cindy!”


Gail Butler

Gail, who has been with us since 2008, is our longest employed caregiver. Like several of our employees Gail has done a little bit of everything with us, but is primarily doing transportation for us now. This includes working with Camden Clark’s wound center to transport those who are unable to find a ride or to drive themselves, along with transporting for doctor appointments for some of our other clients. We talked to Gail to get his feel for what his experience with Home Helpers has been over the years and this is what he had to say.

"I spent 35 years working in retail prior to working with Home Helpers. The appreciation that I get from clients for making sure they get to their appointments on time is just amazing. Most of my clients I only see for a short amount of time everyday when I’m taking them to and from the hyperbaric chamber at Camden Clark, but we usually get to know each other pretty well and laugh and joke while we can. I hope that I make their day as much as they make mine. I’m able to talk with the office any time any issues arise and we are always able to figure it out so the clients can have the best experience possible."

Effort and dedication by our employees such as Gail is truly what sets us apart from so many other agencies. Instead of going through the motions everyday, Gail is able to connect with his clients to make their trips as enjoyable as possible. He can certainly be the light for individuals who may not be having a very easy go of it. Thanks Gail for all that you continue to do!


Michele Soule

Michele is a perfect example of the flexibility that Home Helper’s caregivers can help provide. Michele has been an extremely important asset to our team because she has taken so many different roles as a caregiver. Michele has worked on transporting clients to Dr. appointments, assisted in the care for 24/7 clients, and has also worked with clients who just need a few hours here and there. Because of Michele’s dedication and flexibility we have chosen her for our Caregiver Spotlight award.

Michele has this to say about her clients, “ I enjoy being able to go in for my clients and cook them a good home cooked meal who because of their limitations may have been stuck eating microwave meals previously. My favorite part though is just being able to listen to them tell stories about how much the area has changed over the years or listen to them talk about prized possessions that may be older than I am! The bond that you build with your client over time is truly amazing, I don’t know who the time helps more, myself or the client.”

Sometimes it can be the little things that can make such a difference in people’s lives and we are proud to say that Michele exemplifies all of the qualities that we look for in a caregiver.


Bea Moreau

Bea is one of our caregivers who understands the need of the services that we provide. Her perfect attendance and thorough job performance makes her one of our latest Caregiver Spotlight recipients. Bea, like many of our caregivers, has worked with a wide range of clients from those who are bed bound to those who just want a little company. No matter what the situation Bea is always up for the challenge.

When we spoke to Bea this is a little of what she had to say about her time with us. "I just enjoy making a difference in people’s lives. Its comforting to know I am giving peace of mind to not only the client but to the family as well. Listening to a client be appreciative of the service I’ve provided and thank me is very satisfying." When we asked Bea what her favorite part of her job was she went on to say, " I find their life stories and experiences very interesting. It’s fun getting to know new clients along with their pets since I love animals so much." Bea generously went on to say," Home Helpers has been a wonderful company to work for, the management and staff are very caring and easy to communicate with."


Anita Burdette

Anita is an extremely passionate caregiver that has been with Home Helpers for going on a year. She has worked with a broad range of clients and is equally as passionate from one client to the next. We asked Anita why it is that she enjoys her job so much and this is what she had to say.

"After I helped with my brother that was very sick for several years I asked God to take me to where I needed to be and I ended up with Home Helpers. I love working with elderly people and I hope they get comfort from my visits with them because I cannot begin to describe the blessings I receive from them. There is something to learn from every client and you leave each client feeling like you have made a difference for them and that’s what life should be about. Working for Home helpers of the MOV has been great! I feel they try their best to accommodate their clients as well as their staff."