2017 Home Helpers CEO Award Winner

Mitch Williams & Peggy Milne

Mitch Williams and Peggy Milne have experienced tremendous growth over the years. Their dedication to clients, team members and their San Mateo community is profound. As innovators, they are always seeking ways to operate more efficiently, but always with an eye toward their main objective to provide the best possible care to their clients. That’s why we couldn’t have a better choice than Mitch as the Chair of our Innovation Council.

As they find new efficiencies, however, they are quick to share them with fellow owners. As members of their Growth Group, Mitch and Peggy work hard to be a voice for our industry in California and to stay up to date with the many regulatory changes that come about to new legislative rules. They’re especially connected, as Mitch is also President of the California state chapter of the HCAOA. Both Peggy and Mitch are also active in the Platinum Group and as members of the CEO Masters Club. Whew!

And, as if they don’t have enough on their plate, Mitch and Peggy have completed the process of adding home health services to their office’s menu of in-home care.

Still, we are enriched because they remain dedicated to the Home Helpers owners’ community in general. Recently, their office became a new certified training center on the West Coast—again, sharing their experiences with new owners.

What shouts “leadership” more than helping their peers be competitive quicker, or by helping new owners avoid some of the obstacles Mitch and Peggy faced when starting out?

Their lessons should carry added weight, too, as in both 2016 and 2017, Mitch and Peggy’s office has earned “Leader in Excellence,” “Provider of Choice” and “Employer of Choice” designations from Home Care Pulse.