2016 Spirit of Adam Brown Award Winner

Kristin Worthington

Kristin is passionate, not only about the care her clients receive, but equally passionate about serving the Home Helpers community.  She and George opened their Home Helpers office in 2007.

Since opening, she has energetically shared her time and her expertise with many Home Helpers owners along the way. New and existing owners have benefited from her visits to Meet the Team Day and New Owner Training Classes where she shares best practices and encourages them to follow the system toward their success.

Her mild mannered and steady demeanor has served her well charting the course for her business too, which is consistently in the top 25. She is a member of the Platinum Group, is annually in the Presidents’ Circle, Has been a Starfish Award recipient, worked with us recently on the website project and is an inaugural member of the Innovation council.

Her selfless dedication to the Home Helpers community and the advancement of the brand is why I am honored to recognize Kristin as this year’s recipient of the 2015 Adam Brown Spirit of Home Helpers Award.