2017 Spirit of Adam Brown Award Winner

Teresa Nelson

Teresa Nelson is passionate about providing exceptional care to her clients, surrounding herself with an amazing team and serving her large rural community with much dedication. Since opening her business in 2010, she has graciously shared her expertise by operating a Home Helpers Training Center for new owners.

Just like Adam Brown, for whom this award is named, Teresa exemplifies everything you’d want as a representative of Home Helpers. Her list of accomplishments, which I’m about to share, is as big as her spirit.

Teresa is a member of the Pinnacle Club and Platinum Group, and has previously been a member of the President’s Circle, CEO Masters Club and a winner of the BOLD Diamond award.  

She’s also embarked on a big step getting her franchise Medicare certified.

As a peer and someone who has faced the same issues as new owners, Teresa is able to share best practices from a place of experience. Her willingness to share this knowledge—that following the system is the best path to success—strengthens the brand, which ultimately benefits all Home Helpers owners.

Her selfless dedication to this community and advancement of the brand is why we recognize Teresa Nelson as the recipient of the 2016 Adam Brown Spirit Award.