2018 Spirit of Adam Brown Award Winner

Kay Jurica

Kay Jurica is adamant that she will never compromise on providing exceptional care to her clients. Her goal recently has been to build an operation that can run without her daily input. She’s done well in that regard, reducing her working hours by 40%

Adam Brown, for whom this award is named, exemplified everything you’d want as a representative of Home Helpers. Kay Jurica, this year’s Adam Brown Spirit Award winner, demonstrates the same sensibility.

Kay is always encouraging her neighboring owners, and is the first to call when another owner is going through crisis. She is active and extremely supportive of her Growth Group in Illinois. As we’ve seen a number of times from tonight’s other award winners, Kay is able to form, embrace and execute a measurable business plan. The results speak for themselves.

Her FBC, Bob Blizzard, calls Kay an honest, demanding and fair owner whose top priority is providing top notch care to her clients.

For her selfless dedication to the Home Helpers community and advancement of the brand, we recognize Kay Jurica as the recipient of the 2018 Adam Brown Spirit Award.