Promisor Residential

How can I finance my in-home care?

Home Helpers® Home Care has partnered with Promisor Residential to help remain in the comfort of your home and fund the in-home care you need.

The Quick Buy Leaseback Program™

Through this innovative program, Promisor Residential will purchase your qualified home at a fair price, return the equity to you, and take on the burdens of ownership while you remain in the home you love.


  • Quickly and easily access your equity to pay for in-home care
  • Enjoy a sense of independence as Promisor Residential
    • Maintains the property
    • Peforms major repairs
    • Pays property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, and HOA fees
  • Move when you are ready

The Quick Buy Leaseback Program™ has distinct advantages over other finance solutions.

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