Discharge Programs

Free Discharge Consult

Debra offers new and existing clients free discharge planning assistance. If you or a loved one hears those dreaded words “you are no longer safe to go home”, Debra will come to the hospital, rehab center or nursing home, and work with social workers and discharge planners to make your goal of returning home safely a reality. Sometimes the fastest way for a hospital or rehab center to open a bed, is to send you to  the next level of care. But there are options, and we can help you with that. Keep Home Helpers phone number with those important documents that you take to the hospital. We will be there when you need us most. (585) 598-4539

"Destination Home" Discharge Package

Don’t take another day off of work. Let Home Helpers make your life easier.

Home Helpers offers a discharge program like no other. For a flat rate of $75.00, we will pick you up from the hospital or rehab center, bring you home, and provide 4 hours of customized service. We can get you settled in, pick up those new prescriptions, clean out the refrigerator, shop for fresh food, change the bed, prepare a nutritional meal, do some light housekeeping, put follow up doctor appointments on the calendar, make sure you are comfortable and safe and make a care call to the family. We’ll even clean out the cat litter for you. Customize the 4 hours of service to fit your individual needs. We are here to make life easier.

Quick Care Response

If you need services to begin immediately, you need Home Helpers Quick Care Response(QCR) Team. Our highly trained caregivers are ready to assist you and your family and help make life easier in a moment’s notice. Our QCR Team is ready when you need us most. You can count on Home Helpers to assist you, usually within a few hours, 24/7.