Owner Biography

Debra Kostiw

My name is Debra Kostiw, owner of Home Helpers of Rochester. I became aware of the need for senior care when my own parents started needing help to remain independent in their own home. My Mother had emergency open heart surgery and ended up in a nursing home for a one month recovery. At first I was OK and “doing it all”. Taking care of Mom, taking care of my own family and working part time at my job. After a few weeks I realized that my Super Woman cape was on fire and I couldn’t go on like this, I needed some support. That’s when I decided to go into the field of home care. There are so many questions. Who do I call to get the answers? It can be so overwhelming. Where do I begin? Home Helpers is your one stop for all your questions, concerns, needs and resources.

I am a certified trainer for the Alzheimer’s Association and have the most updated training. This training is passed on to my wonderful team of caregivers. I am also a community trainer for the local Alzheimer’s Association in Rochester. Helping those with dementia, and assisting families is a passion. I feel personally connected to each and every family we serve.

At Home Helpers we take a personal approach to home care. We take the time to get to know our clients and their families to provide the best care and to select the best caregiver to fit your style and personality. We are doing things no one else is doing in home care. We have “Furry Friend” visits, “Music Memories”, and our wonderful “Senior Helpers” Volunteer Program. Please visit the About Us\Unique Offerings page to learn more about these and other unique programs. Home Helpers is so much more than home care, we are extended family.

Home Helpers has several other products and services to help your loved one remain safely at home. Home Helpers and Direct Link provides 24\7 in home monitoring. This is the fastest Personal Emergency Response Button on the market. This is the only button that you can use for non-emergencies! We also have an Automated Medication Dispenser monitored by our CSAA Diamond 5 Star Call Center. Direct Link offers a GPS Care Watch. This equipment can locate a person within seconds, anywhere, anytime. Perfect for those who may be prone to wandering. At Home Helpers and Direct Link we can customize a care plan that will fit your personal needs and budget. You can learn more about these and other products on our Care Services\Direct Link Emergency Monitoring page, Or call 585-334-0999 or E-Mail Debra at dkostiw@homehelpershomecare.com.