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Senior Home Care Services

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care

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Home Care Atherton CA

In-Home Care for Your Loved One
Home Helpers of San Mateo is a quality provider of home care assistance for seniors living in Atherton, CA. As we all know, seniors experience a number of difficulties in their old age. It can get very challenging and frustrating to meet these needs, especially for family members whose sole concern is to provide the best quality of life for their aging parents. Considering the services of a professional caregiver can assist in creating a relaxed atmosphere for those going through the changes and struggles brought about by old age. A reliable in-home care service can give family members have peace of mind knowing that their senior loved ones are being given the best home health care in all of Atherton. The welcoming and accommodating caregivers from Home Helpers are the best in providing top-notch assistance and elderly care.

Home Care: Professionally Trained, Trustworthy and Compassionate Caregivers
Home Helpers of San Mateo is dedicated to creating a safe and encouraging atmosphere for the elderly members of the Atherton community. We strive hard to train our staff so they can give our clients the high quality of life they deserve. We focus on the importance of our seniors’ physical and emotional well-being, and so we only employ care providers who value and enjoy spending time with the elderly.

For family members searching for the best people in the field, we guarantee caregivers who will be able to prioritize your loved ones’ needs and those who will be able to sustain meaningful relationships with them. At Home Helpers, we see to it that every caregiver is flexible enough to cater to the unique needs of all of our elderly clients in Atherton. Before hiring them, our employees undergo strict screening procedures to test their skills and expertise when it comes to dealing with the demands of elderly home care.

Home Helpers Home Care: Making Life Easier
At Home Helpers of San Mateo, all our employees are passionate about what they do. They are genuinely inclined to help elderly clients in the best way they can. As employers, we see to it that they undergo all the necessary training to effectively respond to every possible situation. We train them to properly assess the needs of a client no matter how taxing or challenging their predicament might be. We know that the lives of our senior clients can be greatly affected by the quality of care we provide; this is why we continuously strive to give exceptional home care services in Atherton, CA.

For more information on how Home Helpers of San Mateo can be of help to you or your elderly family member, give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Senior Home Care Services in Atherton CA

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Atherton, California

Atheron California

History of Atherton

Fair Oaks
In 1866, Atherton was known as Fair Oaks and was a flag stop on the California Coast for the Southern Pacific Railroad between San Francisco and San Jose for the convenience of the owners of large estates living north of Menlo Park. The entire area was called Menlo Park. It was part of the Rancho de las Pulgas, which is now southern San Mateo County.

Incorporation of Atherton
In 1923, Menlo Park wanted to incorporate its lands to include Fair Oaks. During a meeting of the representatives of the two communities, the Fair Oaks property owners maintained their community as a strictly residential area and they would incorporate independently. Both groups rushed to Sacramento but the Fair Oaks committee arrived first. It was at that time they realized that they could not keep the name Fair Oaks, as it was already the name of a town near Sacramento. It was decided to honor Faxon Dean Atherton who had been one of the first property owners in the south peninsula and name the town for him. Atherton was incorporated on September 12, 1923.

Town Name
Faxon D. Atherton, originally from Massachusetts, had spent several years as a trader in tallow, hides, and merchandise. His friend and business associate, Thomas Lark, had written to him about the opportunities, for family and business, on the San Francisco peninsula. Atherton purchased over 600 acres in 1860. His home, Valparaiso Park, was built several years later.

With the development of the railroad, other San Franciscans established summer homes further south. The dirt roads were usually treacherous in the winter and the families would only visit May through September.

Estates & Residents
The Mayor of San Francisco, Thomas H. Selby, purchased over 400 acres and called his estate Almendral. John T. Doyle, an attorney, also built a home off Middlefield Road, Ringwood. James C. Flood, the owner of Linden Towers, is now known as Lindenwood. The Joseph A Donohoe estate was Holmgrove and is now the site of Menlo Atherton High School. James Thomas Watkins’ home was Fair Oaks, which stands today on Alejandra Avenue, after being moved twice.

Edward E. Eyre reigned as the first mayor and in 1928, the residents voted to build a Town Hall, which is still in use today. The early residents sought to build a town that would be divided into large parcels and would not contain businesses. During the 1920s and 1930s, a few of the large land holdings were subdivided, including James Floods’ estate in 1938. In the 1940s and 1950s, over 80 subdivisions were recorded bringing the era of large estates to a close.

Atherton is still a plain of oaks. Native live oaks, white oaks, bays, redwoods, cedars, pines, and other ornamental trees cover the six square miles of town. There are approximately 50 miles of roads. The population is around 6,995 with approximately 2,500 households.

Ms. Olive Holbrook-Palmer left Holbrook-Palmer Park, a 22-acre park, to the town in 1958. It is an open, tree-covered park, which offers recreational programs and has facilities for functions.