Get Paid Daily

Get paid up to every day with the DailyPay employee benefit program!  

We’re proud to offer DailyPay as part of our employee benefit package! 

DailyPay is a service that allows our hourly employees to access a portion of their pay prior to their regular paydate. 
As you complete shifts, you’ll build up an "Available Balance" in your DailyPay account.  You’ll have the opportunity to withdraw from that balance at any time, either by logging in to their website from your phone/computer or sending them a text message.  DailyPay charges a small transfer fee for each withdrawal, like an ATM.  You can use DailyPay to avoid late fees, overdraft charges, and handle emergency expenses.  You’ll receive a welcome message via email and SMS (text) containing a personalized sign-up link within one business day of completing your first shift.  To learn more, watch the video below: