Home Care Licensing in California

Home Care Licensing in California

Things to Know and How they Affect You, the Client!

Starting in 2016, all Home Care Organizations (Agencies) are being licensed by the State of California’s Department of Social Services.

  In order to become licensed, the Agency must:

  1. Have Professional and General Liability Insurance ($1,000,000 each occurrence and $3,000,000 aggregate).

  2. Have a Workers’ Compensation policy to cover workplace accidents ($1,000,000 policy maximum).

  3. Provide a Dishonesty Bond to cover employees in case of theft. ($25,000)

  4. Have written policies that outline the services provided, the standards of care, the procedure for hiring new caregivers, and for reporting any form of elder abuse.

  5. Have a documented training program, provide initial and ongoing training, and keep verifiable records of all training done.

  6. All office staff and the owners must be Live Scan fingerprinted, and have a clean criminal record.

 All Caregivers from Home Care Organizations:

  1. Are EMPLOYEES of the agency (W2, not 1099)

  2. Have Live Scan fingerprint background checks that go back 30 years and look at both the DOJ and FBI databases.

  3. Have a clear TB test.

  4. Have been educated on Elder Abuse and reporting procedures.

  5. Are oriented for 2 hours on Agency policies and expectations.

  6. Take 3 hours of initial training on Safety Procedures, Emergency Preparedness, Infection Control and Safe Lifting & Transfers. This training is done prior to being put into a client’s home.

  7. Take at least 5 additional hours of training during each year on topics such as Elder Abuse Detection and Reporting, Clients Rights and Safety, Assisting with Personal Hygiene, Providing for Client’s Daily Living Needs, etc.

  8. Are supervised in the home by competent professionals.

Remember you are allowing a person not only into your home but to take care of your closest loved ones. Don’t settle for just anybody.  The choice is simple.  Only a licensed Home Care Organization that employs registered caregivers, who are thoroughly background checked and supervised, and that is State approved, is the safest and best solution to provide in home care services. We at Home Helpers satisfy ALL the requirements above.

If you have any questions, please contact Home Helpers at 408-610-4155.