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Handy Tips to Get You Out the Door on Time on Appointment Days

On the days your mom has an appointment, she always drags her heels. She can't leave until her makeup is right. She just needs to use the toilet one more time. Her actions make you late, and you're tired of always being late.

How can you get her out of the door on time? She has another appointment coming up, and you don't want to be late again.

Plan to Leave an Hour Before You Need To

This can backfire on you, but it's worth a shot. If you need to leave her house at noon to make it on time, start telling her you need to leave an hour earlier. When she does her delay tactics, it won't matter as you've planned that extra hour for her delays.

Set Appointments for Later in the Afternoon

When possible, set appointments for later in the day when she'll already be up, dressed, and groomed. That eliminates some of her excuses and delays. You also catch her after she's eaten, so she's less likely to have that excuse to fall back on.

Be Honest About What's Happening at the Appointment

Go over what the appointment is for and why it's important. If it's something like a bone density screening or vaccination boosters, you could make the appointment for yourself at the same time. If she knows you'll be doing the same thing, it may ease some of her fears.

Her hesitation and fear may be unnecessary. If she's worried about needing to have a pelvic exam, discuss the need with her doctor. After a certain age, some doctors don't feel these exams are as important as they were before menopause. See what the doctor recommends for an age cut-off.

Don't Tell Her Where You're Going

If your mom has memory loss, don't tell her that she has an appointment. If she thinks you're going out shopping, she's more likely to leave the house willingly. You don't have to tell her until you get to the building where the appointment is. At that point, you can have staff come out and help you get her out of the car and into the building if necessary.

Arrange Senior Care Services for Appointment Days

Consider scheduling senior care on days your mom has an appointment. The caregiver can help her get dressed and ready to leave. You may request that the caregiver manages her appointment days. With transportation and appointment scheduling services, the caregiver handles appointment days. Call a senior care agency to discuss prices and your mom's needs.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring senior care in Saratoga, CA, please contact the caring staff at Home Helpers today (408) 317-4969.


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