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Healthy Eating Tips for Seniors with Celiac Disease

By Ketan Shah

Caregivers in Los Gatos CA

Ever wonder why your elderly loved one has stomach troubles when they eat certain foods? One possible cause could be celiac disease. This condition makes it difficult for the body to eat foods with gluten in them because hair-like objects in the small intestine is damaged and unable to absorb nutrients from the foods they consumed.

Celiac disease can cause diarrhea, abdominal bloating and cramping, intestinal gas, and other uncomfortable and embarrassing symptoms. The best way to ward off the symptoms is through a healthy, gluten-free diet. Older adults with other health problems that may cause limited mobility may need the help of professional caregivers. These caregivers can provide transportation to the grocery store, assist in picking out healthy items, and prepare the meals.

In order to get your elderly loved one on the right track with a healthy diet, here are some ideas that will help.

Know What You Are Eating

Even if the senior were to eat a tiny amount of gluten without realizing it, they could severely damage their intestine. The best way to prevent this from happening is to read the labels of all foods that are purchased. Also, when going to a restaurant, talk to the waiter to find out what items on the menu are gluten-free.

Make Sure There are no Crumbs Left Behind

Have you ever looked in your container of butter and found a few breadcrumbs from a piece of toast you had the day before? Well, these minuscule breadcrumbs can actually be very dangerous to the health of someone with celiac disease. Consider having a special gluten-free shelf in the pantry for the elder or having items in the refrigerator and freezer that are only for them. This way, their food will not be contaminated by those who are able to eat gluten.

Read the Labels of Non-Food Items

Any product that touches your loved one’s mouth should be checked for gluten. This includes toothpaste, mouthwash, some medications, and vitamins. Even postage stamps may contain gluten. To be completely safe of this nutrient, read the labels of all products the senior’s mouth will be touching.

Eat in Moderation

Even if the label on the box of cookies you purchased says gluten-free, it is still important to limit your intake on these treats. The reason being that these food items will still contain tons of sugar and fat. Try to reach for healthier snacks if your loved one is in need of a sugar fix, such as fresh fruit.

Celiac disease can drastically change the elder’s lifestyle and diet. However, with these tips they will be able to live a normal, healthy life.


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