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How Can Senior Care Providers Help Your Elderly Loved One with Bathing?

By Ketan Shah

Senior Care in Palo Alto CA

Your elderly loved one may allow you to help her quite readily with most of the situations she encounters. But some, like bathing, may be situations where she staunchly refuses your help. Having senior care providers available for those difficult times can give you peace of mind and help that your elderly loved one desperately needs.

Make Sure She's Safe

Since home care providers have helped many other elderly loved ones with bathing, they've got safety and privacy down to a science. They can help to make sure that while your loved one is bathing she's not in any danger of falling or experiencing any other problems. The best part is that they can do this without being intrusive.

Keep Her Independent

Having someone else helping her during bath time can help your elderly loved one to feel that she's still in control of the situation. Your loved one is still making the decisions about bathing, but she's also able to hand over that control if she needs to.

Take Over if Necessary

Your loved one's senior care providers are also able to spot when it's best for them to take over the bath situation. Your elderly loved one may lose her balance or become too tired to carry on by herself. That's why it's a perfect option to have someone else in the room during bath time. Your loved one can become angry or even resentful when you need to step in, but she's less likely to have the same reaction when someone else is there to help her.

Ensure She Doesn't Become Confused

Your elderly loved one may be fine most of the time, but she might have times that she forgets what she's in the bathroom to do. If that should happen, your loved one's in-home care providers can gently remind her where she is and what she's doing. They can also make sure that those moments of confusion don't become dangerous for your loved one at all.

You can always suggest this option as a trial run for your elderly loved one. Once she experiences the benefits firsthand, she may embrace the idea fully.

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