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Choosing a Cat for your Elderly Parent

By Ketan Shah

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When people think of companionship, their minds tend to wander to man’s best friend—the dog. Cats are, after all, known for their independent and aloof personalities. But what makes them a little standoffish at times is also what makes them great pets for seniors.


Cats tend to be independent. Feed them, water them, love them and they will be your best friend. They walk themselves and usually, though not always, leave strangers to fend for themselves. They are soundproof—only you and your parent will hear their constant meowing if they require your attention—not the whole neighborhood. While some prefer a life of solitude, most relish love and affection.

American Shorthair

This is your middle-of-the-road cat. Cuddly, but not clingy, they love spending time with you but are happy on their own as well. Sociable, they do great with grandkids.


These intelligent cats are as close to adorable as one pet can get. They are usually very affectionate and bond closely with their main squeeze.


If your parent’s home is free of young grandkids, this may be the cat of choice. They are sweet and very affectionate, but skittish when it comes to loud noise and rapid movement.

Animal Shelters

Consider visiting the local animal shelter before making a choice. Tell the staff the type of cat you and your parent are looking for—playful or subdued, extremely affectionate or independent. You may also want to stress minimal care when it comes to medical requirements. Some of the best cats come from the world of strays and unwanted.

Home Care Provider

It’s a good idea to have extra help on-hand during the introductory phase. Cats have a territorial nature that promotes wandering back to their original stomping grounds. For this reason, you will want to keep the cat indoors during the first few weeks after their arrival. This time can require some assimilation for both the cat and your parent. Obtaining the services of a home care provider, to be there when you can’t, will ensure a successful transition for everyone concerned. They can provide transportation to veterinary appointments; ensure the feeding schedule and cleaning of the cat bin are being adhered to, and that any behavioral issues are addressed. They will assist with the daily activities of living while providing the companionship your elderly parent needs.


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