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How to Prevent Falls Among Elders With Alzheimer’s Disease

By Ketan Shah

Senior Care in Los Altos CA

senior care in los altos caAlzheimer’s disease does not only affect the mind of older adults, but may also impact their physical health. The brain damage that occurs as the condition progresses can cause elders to lose their balance, lose their appetite, and become incontinent. Having an elder care professional assist your loved one with everyday responsibilities will help your loved one. In fact, in-home senior care companions can also provide 24 hour supervision for seniors who have begun to wander due to their progressing disease. 

As devastating as it is to see a loved one suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, there are several products on the market that will greatly reduce the risk of the elder slipping and severely injuring themselves.  

  • Bed rail. One of the most common places for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease to fall is in bed. To keep them safe while they sleep, add a bed rail to the side of their bed. Most hospital beds have a rail to keep patients safe, so having one on their bed at home will also prevent fall-related injuries.  
  • Use slip-resistant socks. Wherever a hard, slippery floor can be found, the chances of slipping may drastically increase. To keep your loved one safe, have them wear slip-resistant socks. These specialized socks have rubber tread pads on the bottom as a way to add traction to the bottom of their feet.  
  • Hang up signs. Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease can be a full-time job. The elder may enter rooms or areas of a home that hold potential dangers. Prevent them from entering these areas by closing the doors and hanging up signs that will let them know there are dangers in that room.  
  • Alarming belt. Falling from a wheelchair is all too common, but can result in a fractured hip or bone. The alarm will alert caregivers of when they are trying to get out of the wheelchair. This belt will also let caregivers know when their loved one is trying to get out of the wheelchair.  
  • Medical alert button. Older adults who are still early enough in their Alzheimer’s disease may live alone or spend some time by themselves. Having a medical alert button available will help you love one call for help when danger strikes.  

When a senior falls, it could cause hip fractures, which may take a great deal of time to heal. With these ideas, you will be able to keep your loved one healthy while coping with their condition.  

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