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Being an Advocate for Your Parent with Dementia

By Ketan Shah

Elderly Care in San Jose CA

If you are caring for an elderly parent with Alzheimer's disease or another form of dementia, you are truly filling several roles. As a family caregiver you want to know that your parent is getting the care, support, and assistance that they need to live a healthy, safe lifestyle as they progress through Alzheimer's disease. As an adult child you love your parent and want to know that they are happy, comfortable, and receiving the respect and care that they deserve. From both perspectives, you should be an advocate. Being an advocate for your elderly parent is an important part of accomplishing all of the goals that you have for them throughout their journey.

Being an advocate is about giving your voice to your elderly parent so that you can stand up for them even when they are not able to stand up for themselves. It is about making sure that they are treated the way that they should be and given the quality of life that they deserve throughout their experience. Through being an advocate for your aging parent, you can also be an advocate for others who are dealing with Alzheimer's disease, working to improve their care and their lifestyle as they age in place.

Use these tips to help you be an advocate for your aging parent as they deal with Alzheimer's disease:

• Treat them the way that you want others to treat them. You should not expect more from others than you would give your parent yourself. Being an advocate means making sure that they are treated the way that they should, and that starts with you. Always treat your loved one the way that you would want them to be treated, no matter where you are or what challenges you are facing.

• Be honest with people. Alzheimer's disease is not something to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. It is a medical condition just like any other, and not something that you or your aging parent can change. Be honest with the people around you about the challenges that your loved one is facing and how it is impacting them so that they know what to expect. This will help to de-stigmatize the condition and bring the reality of Alzheimer's together.

• Insist they treat your parent with respect. Your parent should always be spoken to as an individual and as an adult. People should not speak over them or talk to you rather than trying to speak with your aging parent directly. If someone is ignoring your loved one or talking over them, pause the conversation and direct the attention back to your parent, including them in the conversation in whatever way they are capable.

Simply because you have taken on the role of being the primary family caregiver for your aging parent does not mean that you should feel like you have to handle all of the demands and challenges completely on your own. Especially in the later stages of the disease, the care needs of a senior with this condition are too much for one person to handle completely on their own. The services of an elderly home care services provider can be vitally important during this time. A personalized approach to elderly care ensures that your parent's needs are met efficiently and effectively, while also encouraging them to maintain as much independence as possible. This helps them to live a high quality of life and give you the support and assistance that you need to ease your stress, protect your health, and keep you at your best.

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