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Helping Your Aging Parent Eat Healthy

By Ketan Shah

Home Care in Los Gatos CA

Older adults are easily plagued with illnesses and medical conditions, some of which could be prevented through healthy eating habits. Their bodies need plenty of vitamins and nutrients in order to keep their weight at a healthy level, increase their metabolism, and spend less time in the doctor’s office. By simply making some healthier eating choices, your loved one may be able to prevent diabetes, heart disease, and other health issues.

If the elder lives alone, they may be unmotivated to make healthy eating choices since it is much easier to grab a snack or meal that is pre-packaged. A home care provider can help your elderly parent with their grocery shopping and meal preparations in order to help them make better eating decisions. They can also encourage your senior loved one to eat healthier meals by offering companionship during their meals.

Healthy Eating Tips for Elders

  • Try to fit as many nutrients as possible into each meal. Since each fruit and veggie offers different vitamins and minerals, eating the colors of the rainbow will ensure they do not lack any of those important nutrients. Along with fruits and veggies, each meal should consist of whole grains, low-fat dairy, and a lean protein.
  • Find out how to build a healthy plate. The senior may have all of the healthy foods their bodies need, but do they know how much should be on their plate? A program called MyPlate will show you and your loved one just how much of each food should be on their plate.
  • Check the nutrition labels. If your loved one wants to buy some pre-packaged food, make sure to look at the nutrition labels first. Encourage the elder to only purchase items that are low in added sugar, sodium, and fat.
  • Eat proper portions. Just because the food is healthy does not necessarily mean the elder can eat as much as they want. They should eat the right amount for their age and body. Have the senior consult with a dietician to find out how large their serving sizes should be.
  • Drink water. Staying hydrated will reduce the elder’s hunger feelings, causing them to feel full. Water should be sipped throughout the day in order to keep the elder healthy, especially on a hot day. Other drinks that will help the elder stay hydrated are coffee and tea.

Your aging loved one is never too old to make changes to their health. Have them try these healthy eating tips in order to prevent chronic health problems from controlling their life.


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