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Is Your Aging Adult Feeling Out of Touch?

By Ketan Shah

Aging, poor health, and simply not knowing what to do can help keep your elderly family member feeling as if she's out of step with the world around her. She might not be seeing people she loves as often as she'd like, or she might need to expand her social group. Here are some ways you can help.

Talk to Family and Friends

If your family and your elderly family member's friends don't realize that she's feeling lonely and cut off from them, they might not know that they could do something about that. Talk to them and let them know your aging adult would appreciate a little company more often. Some families find that having a shared calendar online helps them to visit without overwhelming their aging family member.

Consider Hiring Elder Care Providers

Often companionship, even for a few hours, can be just what your elderly family member needs in order to feel more connected to the world around her. It's understandable if you have to spend a majority of your time away, but consider hiring elder care providers. They can spend time with your aging adult, help her with transportation, and simply be there for her.

Help Her Find New Friends

Having access to new friends can be a tremendous opportunity for your elderly family member. It's possible that her circle of friends moved away or that they're too ill to engage with your aging adult any longer. This is when you might look into volunteer opportunities, activities at senior centers, and any other ways to help your elderly family member meet new people.

Ask about Joining a Support Group

Support groups for other aging adults who are dealing with the same issues your elderly family member is facing can be truly wonderful for her. She'll meet people who understand exactly what she faces every day and she'll learn new techniques for coping with her situation. This can especially be helpful if you and your aging adult's doctor have tried to convince her to make some changes and she's been reluctant. Often having a contemporary share how a change helped can inspire changes for your senior.

Every elderly family member's experience is different, of course, so you may have to explore several options in order to find the right ones for your senior.

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