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How Can You Start Talking to Your Aging Adult about Her Need for Assistance?

By Ketan Shah

You may have seen a need for more help from you and other people, but that doesn't mean that your aging adult agrees. She may feel that what you're doing as a caregiver right now is quite enough, so it can be difficult to get her to accept more help.

Bring it up Gently

If you try talking about this kind of topic with your aging adult without having a good opening, you're likely to meet more resistance than you expect. News articles or stories about people that you both know are much better ways to segue into talking about helping your aging adult more. It's a careful balance, though, because if you're too subtle the conversation won't go anywhere, either.

Return to the Topic

This may be a conversation that you need to return to more than a couple of times to get the result you're hoping to get. That's okay as long as your senior isn't in any immediate danger or serious need. If she doesn't want to talk about this yet, back away and know that you can bring the topic again when another opportunity presents itself.

Listen to Her Objections

Many of the objections that your senior raises are likely to be more about how she feels about this idea, but it's important to listen to them closely. Some of them may give you clues about the underlying issue behind the objection, which can help you to understand what's going on. Even if your senior doesn't have what you feel are valid objections, listening to her respectfully shows her that you're serious about paying attention to every aspect of her care.

Get a Second Opinion

While second opinions are usually part of getting medical treatment, in this case it might mean talking to other family members who are also concerned. They may have other ideas about how to broach this topic with your aging adult that could work. Don't rule out talking to her doctor, however. Sometimes aging adults are more likely to listen to their doctors about getting extra help.

Remember to focus on safety and that you love your aging adult. Those are the truly important factors in this conversation and they'll help you to find common ground with each other.

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