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Feature Company – Silicon Valley Tracker, Asset, Fleet and Personal Tracking Solution

By Ketan Shah

Caitlin McAvoy & Ketan Shah

Have you ever wished there was a way to track the location and movement of a loved one who needs extra care and support throughout the day? Silicon Valley Tracker is now making this possible with their line of devices that help caregivers or adult children stay in touch with their elderly loved ones or the members of the family who need an extra level of supervision.

The need for this type of technology comes Silicon Valley Tracker recognizing the desire for families to keep the care for their loved ones in the home, and the understanding that caregivers are more stressed than ever trying to balance work, childcare, and support their elderly parents. The issue lies in the fact that most people don’t think about exploring these high-tech communication solutions until a crisis has put their loved one at risk. Prevention and making a plan for emergencies is one of the best ways to be prepared for a family crisis situation.

You might be wondering how these devices can be integrated into your family’s daily life and communication system, and the answer is relatively easily. The device worn by your loved one is about the size of a standard key fob for a car and can be carried in a variety of ways including lanyards, belt loops, or pockets and charged every few days at nighttime. The design includes minimal and easy to understand buttons and screens as well as an ergonomic charging cradle that allows the device to charge without managing cords or plugs. All devices have a SIM card, like a smart phone, and send GPS information with a Google Maps interface to a web portal that sends alerts to caregivers via emails or texts. The Turais model includes integrated Wi-Fi to augment the GPS signals for indoor applications.

The caregivers who desire information about the location of their loved one can simply log-in to the web portal on their phone, tablet, or laptop to view information like path and velocity of travel (with time and date stamps), falls, activity level, current address, and battery level of location device. If they wish to talk to their loved one, they call the designated phone number linked to the device and talk directly to their loved one in a 2-way radio fashion without the loved one having to press or manage any extra buttons. Through the web portal, caregivers can customize the information that they would like to receive and alerts can sent to multiple people or care providers. One of the more advanced features of the GPS trackers is an alert linked to a “geo-fence” area that can be set up around the home or other locations, if a loved one has a tendency to wander during the day or night.

If you or someone you know would benefit from exploring these types of high-tech location devices, please contact Randi Ross at Silicon Valley Tracker. She prides herself on helping clients find the best devices for their family’s unique situation and concerns. Do not wait for an emergency situation to explore the option of strengthening the safety net for your loved ones and talk to Randi today!

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