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Feature Optometric - Los Altos Optometric Group

By Ketan Shah

Home Care in Los Altos CA

Home Helpers of Santa Clara Valley is proud to feature Los Altos Optometric Group in Los Altos, CA. Any place a senior calls home, Home Helpers can provide extra supportive care.

At Los Altos Optometric Group, it’s all about highest quality, personal care!

Located in downtown Los Altos, CA the optometrists of Los Altos Optometric Group have been providing eye care services to the community since 1969. One of the current optometrists, Dr. Aaron Neufeld, a local to the Bay Area, shows his enthusiasm about connecting with the community

providing comprehensive and individualized care to each of his patients.

People of all ages need access to quality eye care, whether it’s updating prescription lenses or screening for the most common eye conditions like glaucoma, cataracts, or macular degeneration. Dr. Neufeld’s offices provide the most recent technological advances in eye care treatment for their patients. For example, by using the Optomap Ultra Retinal Imaging, 90% of the Los Altos Optometry Group’s patients do not require dilation during their appointments. By using these advanced laser and photographic technologies, procedures are less invasive, results are received faster, and diagnoses and further steps in treatment can be implemented more efficiently. Dr. Neufeld’s offices also have the capability to evaluate, diagnose, and prescribe medication for their patients within their own offices, potentially eliminating referrals and extra trips to other medical professionals.

The offices are staffed with knowledgeable opticians to meet your prescription lense needs and friendly front desk managers who coordinate appointments to ensure that each patient feels they are receiving the highest quality, personal care.

Dr. Neufeld’s individualized care is exemplified in the story of an elderly patient he cared for who had suffered from a stroke in both of his retinas. His vision was profoundly affected, preventing him from doing his favorite activity, playing slide guitar. Dr. Neufeld worked with the patient and designed specialized glasses that allowed the patient to see in the outer peripheral area of his vision. The patient was able to reengage with his life’s passion of music and thereby improving his quality of life.

When asked if there was anything Dr. Neufeld wanted to share with the community about the importance of eye care, he pointed out that even if you do not need glasses or do not notice changes in your vision, everyone should schedule a yearly eye exam. He emphasized that eye health can be an indicator of overall health. Many symptoms like high blood pressure, diabetes, or cholesterol can be detected in the eye before they begin to affect other parts of the body.

The Los Altos Optometric Group accepts Medicare making their services available to the wider Los Altos community.

Aaron Neufeld, O.D.
Los Altos Optometric Group
113 Second St.
Los Altos, Ca 94022

Phone: 650–948-3700