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Memory Aids for Seniors Experiencing Age-Related Memory Loss

By Ketan Shah

With the natural increase in age comes a lot of changes to the body itself. Among these changes are the functional aspects of daily operation, such as memory loss.

It can get frustrating forgetting where you put your keys or that you were even looking for them in the first place. However, age related memory loss affects more than just a momentary search for keys. It can affect the pace at which you learn a new skill. Or, perhaps remembering certain daily tasks. And some of these can be pretty important; such as in taking prescription medications.

This is where new habits could be beneficial, especially for senior care and health. A couple of habits to consider could be to:

  • Write things down. Carrying a small notebook and pen could be very useful throughout the day. And it could help keep the frustration of forgetting to a minimum. Also, use sticky notes to help as memory aids by placing them in areas where things are located that you need to remember.
  • Setting reminders, such as on your cell phone or on an electronic calendar that can alert you to appointments or other tasks with an alarm.

While using these tools are certainly useful for day –to- day activities, there are also things you can do to help improve memory for cases of age related memory loss.

The cause of age related memory loss isn’t always clear. Some suggest that the condition is caused by loss of blood to the brain or damaged brain cells. So there may be activities you can do to possibly help improve the condition. Some of these include:

  • Walking. This helps to increase blood flow to the brain. Exercise of any sort is generally good for senior care and health
  • Vitamin B12. A deficiency of B12 can affect memory and it is suggested that maintaining a healthy balance of this vitamin can have a positive impact on red blood cells
  • Working the brain. Like any muscle, the brain needs to be worked-out. Things like doing puzzles, taking a class to learn something new, or brain games can help to stimulate the brain
  • Laughter: as a stress release and mood enhancer.

There is often concern with people who tend to forget things that their condition might be dementia. Two points to consider about this are one, is the memory loss something that is affecting your daily life and does it seem to not be getting better? And two, if you have those concerns, it is a good idea to
consult a physician.

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